Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wednesday's work

Wednesday will see me still battling illness and allowing my antibiotics to kick in. I will come in to school in the afternoon to make sure we are ready for Thursday's four open day groups.
Please join small groups to work out how you would host the yr 6 students to make their stay memorable, fun and about what we do in Room 5 that makes school interesting or special.
Can Prim also lead a committee to make sure the room is looking highly presentable, colourful, bright, interesting and tidy?
Two suggestions i have for groups are origami and heiroglyphic named bookmarks.
Items for explanation are as we listed on the board on Monday - Kakepuku Catastrophe, Narrative poetry with stuffed toy making, etc.

Please also be sure to carry on with your literature circles. refer to your lists of reading strategies to take a note of which strategies you are using during your sessions.
Find those lists and explain them to Mr Cooper.

Maths - warm up games, times table practice, sudoku, problem solving, and measurement as the main course.

I miss you all, but I must get better or this illness will drag on for weeks - and it certainly wasn't nice at it's worst.

Also. things to remember that we must get onto if you're keen on them:

how to spend our winnings
what to do for the class reward
plan the trip to kakepuku
get chickens for mummifying and get started asap

be prepared to state very clearly what your final product for your inquiry unit will be and what you need to be helped with to get you there. it will take careful planning and good time management. you will need assistance.

take it easy.



mr woody said...

oh, and don't forget skipper bob's sailing challenge - although that might be a good thing for PE and maths in term four when the pool is less cold and green....

good suggestion regarding a photogrpahy thing, miss ncady.

well done to cheeseboy for posting a riddle thing and well done for shorty and company who have attempted it with him.

can you guys also please do an inquiry session tomorrow where you talk to each other about what you are doing and how you have gone about it so everyone is sure about how to handle the inquiry approach? that would be great - those who are comfortable with it could chat with those who are confused.

i probably won't comment too much tonight as i am drifting in and out of consciousness on the couch most of the day and night.

Miss Candy said...

any better? just wondering did you see the what now challenge thingy?

get well soon(i dont like relever teachers:()


Alpha said...

Ok, Get better and come back soon

Miss Candy said...

oops, yes you have! has any one else who hasn't?

pom said...

I really hope you get well soon Mr Woody, relivers are so grumpy.

primprim said...

oh mr woody!!!
i really hope you get better soon.
i agree with pom. reliving teachers don't understand us as well as you do!!!
we (or most people) will make sure the room look pleasant.

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

Definately! My group did chapter two of War of the Worlds today and i think it went absolutely fantasticly!!! it couldnt have been much better! i was very impressed with each persons contobution and it went really smoothly. it was a lot easier to understand than the first chapter allmost as if it was written by two dfferent people, i was very proud of our session. p.s. it was belaC, Skipper Bob, individualist, shorty and I.
p.p.s. i hope you get better soon, but get well before you come back, not half welll because you will just get sick again.

Kitty Kat said...

Oh great to here that the readers circle went well!]
Get well soon!
Oh and sorry to here about the relievers guys!

Catarara said...

i'm sick today! I don't want to be sick because i want to come to school!!
get well soon mr woody! :)