Tuesday, August 14, 2007

mummy time

here is the link to the chook mummification unit:


this is so we can access it at school to modify for our purposes - you do not have to read it or do anything.
it would be helpful if you started to think about how best to organise groups and resources.

this link also has the info for the egyptian novel study unit some of you are doing - it also includes descriptions of the literature circle roles:



mr woody said...

i'm the first commenter - hah!

this is a brain teaser for maths people - cheeseboy, are you listening???


Kitty Kat said...

will visit.

Alpha said...

Ok, Must visist

pom said...

Thats something for me to do

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

Great! very helpful!

Miss Candy said...

two post titles are mummy time!

Kitty Kat said...

Yes ms candy!
except one is
'mummy time'
and one is]
'Mummy Time!'
I really like those brainteaser thingymicjiggys!
They are really hard.

Anonymous said...

I think mummifying chickens in a great idea! how many other classes can say they have done that?! but we should get onto it soon, where could we get the chickens from?

mr woody said...

i agree, mr cooper! perhaps tomorrow while we are doing open day stuff you could go out and buy all the ingedients with my money.
can you please make a list of exactly what we need for say... five different groups? the groups will be large, but at least we won't spend as much. chickens aren't cheap... hmmm... maybe we only need four groups.

mr woody said...

mr cooper - you need to make your profile and blog accessible. i also recommend having email alerts for when people make comments on it.

chocolate lover said...

Mummified chickens!!! Now i'm going to see everything! We might need some jars and some Chickens.:)