Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Are we aliens?

Is there such a thing? Can we prove it? Are mitochondria evidence of alien intervention in our cellular make-up?

What on earth is mitochondria? Have you heard of mitochondrial d.n.a. ?

Next week I shall propose that aliens helped make the pyramids...

Is Mechboy correct? Have we already discovered single cellular organisms on other planets?
Please write your opinions here and also create links to some facts that you believe are reliable.
OOOh! Miss Lewthwaite just dropped in and told us that today is supposed to be an alien visitation day - how coincidental!! Can you find any evidence of this theory on the net or in the papers?


Tweedle-Dum Plum said...

if the humans have managed to be created and formed why can't there be aliens even though my belives tell different


I_luv_animals_AKA_ashymashy said...

I found this website that had a movie on it at first you won't
understand but later you do!

realhttp://www.homepagedaily.com/Pages/article5700-alien-contact-coming-october-14.aspxly understand but later you do!

copy and paste!in new tab.

Tweedle-Dum Plum said...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WP17w-M3e2Q i also found this link

the unknown said...

I thought that miss Lewthwaite said that everyday an alien comes to visit earth?

And also why do all the alien encounters happen in america?

That is all.

gnome said...

Oh my god I just saw the most realistic alien video ever!!!!!!!
Well I was on utube and I decided to search up real alien videos and it came up with this radio right, and there was this person and he was talking about how there was this video that had been exposed by the U.S. government in a N.A.S.A. mission. The shuttle was the colombia right so it goes into space except it's fitted out with this sophisticated as ultra-violet camera which was sensitive to ultarviolet and when they were up in the atmosphere they launched a sattelite with a tether attached right but then the tether broke and the tether which is like 12miles long so the all the N.A.S.A. people looked for it in the camera I mentioned earlier so they see the tether but then they also see all these little blob things going towards it and flying around it and lots of people think that those little white blob things were aliens now I don't know if its actually true but it sure looks like it so check it out at:

Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

Cool gnome. Do not use God's name in vain. Just a little warning.
Mr W, I scoured the papers for ANY evidence AT ALL. And I've forgotten the Edmodo password - AGAIN. I hope I will manage to rememebr it.
I gave very convincing reasons why I think aliens are real, as quoted at school. I also and pondering if the people in the Bible made a small mistake in saying that Aliens didn't exist.

Roo said...

I believe that there are other life forms out there, because I believe in the big bang (science) so during the big bang while heaps of matter was being created, why only beings that had more than one life cell only be created on our planet?

Here is an article from the UK about aliens landing on Earth:


Room24 said...

WOW..... seems like you have been doing alot through the past year and know lots now is there anything else that you are going to share with us? have you ever seen our blog? do you want to?
Bye C.R

Room24 said...

WOW that is sooooooo awesome I wonder if we really are Aliens? That is sssoooooooo FREAKY. Have you found out if we actually are aliens?

From Mrs McGhie's class

Room24 said...

We are some kids from room 24(Mrs McGhie's Year 5 Class).
We think that aliens are real and that they helped build temples like in Stargate.
We think that Aleins could be out in other universes and galaxies.

Room24 said...

Wow!!! Sinctists only found ice on Mars, I neaver knew Aliens were real!

From Mrs McGhie's class (RM24)

MrWoody said...

Hi Room 24 - we can't access your blog

rosiegal said...

I have no clue if there are aliens out there, I mean who could know. There are so many galaxies we havent even disovered yet.
There have been some really bad fake alien images and videos, that people have done as spoofs.

Queenie said...

yes i agrre rosiegal i have no idea whether there is or isn't aliens.

by the way mr woody i have a link on my blog to my photos.its on the right where the polls and stuff are.

mech boy said...

Roo, the big bang is much much much much more complicated than that.
At the beginning there was a massive amount of pressure and heat.
Something happened, and 10−35 seconds (squared) after the big bang from the extreme heat protons and anti-protons were created. The universe expanded exponentially.
There is so much more, but it would take me months to say it all.

P.S. Did you know that the universe is approximately 13.73 billion years old?
Did you know Terra is spinning at 29.783km/s and that its surface area is 510,072,000km squared?
Our atmosphere is also 78.08% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 0.038% Co2, 0.93% argon?

awesomo4000 said...

you know how we like don't know much about the sea what if there were like super advanced things under there that live like dome things what would the be called alien or animal?
whats the definition of an alien

Roo said...

Yeah I know Mechboy, but I was just saying it very very very very very simply. If your wondering Terra is Earth (I think).

Aquagirl said...

I'm not entirely sure that aliens are real but I do still believe that they do exist after all like I said in class that if you believe that the Mrs Gren thing about all living things and how Mr Woody said that we all are many living cells put together as one then obviously there is some sort of living thing out there cell or creature because like Rosiegal said how do we know what they look like and why do usaully describ them as green things when then could be anything. You just never know they might even be another dimenion or something.

keamac said...

Hi Room5ians. I'm really enjoying reading all your different ideas about the existence of aliens. I often wonder if it's possible for us to really be the only planet that has life forms living on it in the entire universe? It's a fascinating subject to think about.

My class has enjoyed visiting your blog, they are very impressed with all the clever things you do. They're a little bit younger then you because they are in Year 5.

Mr Woody - you should be able to access our blog now as we don't need a password anymore. Just go to http://24classspace.blogspot.com

Look forward to reading about more of your exciting learning adventures.
From Mrs McGhie

Room24 said...

Are there real aliens around? let me know.that is so cool.
By J.M