Tuesday, October 21, 2008

can we hold back the future? Actually it's already here [for teachers]

Are you a visionary, an early adopter, a blocker, or something in between?
What are your fears/hopes/dreams? Do you have ideas on how to move forward with the meaningful integration of ICT into learning so we can engage our students in their world, with their future in mind?
Please feel free to share here, and don't be afraid of the fact that my students will be reading this - it affects them too, so they may as well be part of the debate. It's their learning afterall...even if they don't always get it [- do you Room5ians!!!] ;-)
I have been inspired by "Tonitones" [eFellow of Twitter fame and insightful blogger] to work towards a positive goal, rather than being held back and disheartened.
Hold on to your passion. Find solutions. Be positive. Set some achieveable goals and work towards. Share and celebrate your achievements - don't be shy. Take a risk - you may inspire someone else.
It's a pretty cool challenge actually - almost like being a learning activist - LoL :-)
Hooray for Tonitones!!! A young woman with much wisdom.

[- get the feeling I'm talking to myself here? C'est la blog vie ;-) ]


Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

Yay. We are part of this too.
I suppose you can never hold back the future, and it's technologies. They'll just keep on coming. People will have great ideas, put them into action and lives will be changed.

awesomo4000 said...

well at some point in time it must stop when there are mini everythings that are smarter than us when we have no need for animals when theres no need to travel because theres amachine that can make everything when our lives will be so short that we live the lives of neaderthals and there are no streets i mean we've already started half tonne dad 100 kg 7 year old

mech boy said...

I don't understand your comment Awesomo.
Anway... No we don't always get it, we're just human.

P.S. Which is longer, a lightyear or a parsec?

awesomo4000 said...

i already heard this one isee you were on the small world or posted on it i tried to send you a thing by the way its a parsec which is 3.5 times longer than the speed of light as mechboy said

awesomo4000 said...

in response to your comment mechboy it means i think that soon we dont need animals for food because you can even now have artificial meat and our technology will enable us to not have to move just for food or clothes or anything like that then because of the unhealthy life style we'd die earlier like neanderthals because you could make it at home

Roo said...

In response to your comment awesomo4000 I think humans will always will prefer to have real meat rather than artificial meat, and I personally hope that it never comes to depending on machines to do everything for us, e.g. Running, Talking, Cooking...

gnome said...

Adding to your comment Roo alot of people are testing the idea of freezing human and bringing them back to a specific time which the patient has chosen I'm not sure what it's called though.

p.s. I don't support it though when god chooses you to go you go I don't support coming back from the dead its kind of creepy actually.

Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

hey guys. Bye. off to Japan. Buying chocolate (maybe cookies) for you all.

mech boy said...

I agree with you Roo, we will always prefer real meat to artificial meat (well at least I hope we would...).

"On the internet I found something quite disturbing... Dede Koswara has had nearly a stone of warts cut from his face, arms and legs and is now able to live independently for the first time since his teens.

The 37-year-old has been allowed to leave the hospital in West Java where he has nine operations to remove 95 per cent of the growths, known as cutaneous horns.

At a press conference Dede showed off his new ability to grip a pen, a feat that had been made impossible by the foot-long "roots" that previously covered his hands."

Here is the site, look at the movies... If you have the stomach (It's not THAT bad, but it's still pretty bad).

Kitty Milo said...

My Fears Are- Spiders, Cockroaches and heaps of insects.

My dreams are- to be an astronomer because I love the stars and to be a silver fern=]
I agree with Roo & mech boy -
we will probably always want real meat. It is better than artificial. Why make something artificial, that we already have enough of and it's perfectly natural!!!