Monday, October 27, 2008

Globalisation and Peace

Hey kids - how important do you think world peace is for Globalisation?
I just read this morning that US soldiers and Apache attack helicopters just wasted some supposedly civilian buildings in Syria - no doubt the military knew more about the intended purpose of those buildings as potential points of operation for some potential terrorist activities [or something like that].
This raises my tricky question: Is violence and small scale military activity justifiable in order to help contain greater threats ? Or is that just an excuse for certain countries to do what they need to do to protect their own interests and keep themselves at the top of the pile? [- think about America's outrageous attack on Iraq against United Nations advice...]
The reason I find this interesting is because I once went an international relations lecture by Doctor Lou Fretz at the University of Waikato. I found it incredibly interesting to hear about the history of military intervention in different countries in order to maintain overall peace. There is a concept known as "The Balance of Power" which is worth trying to understand.
The threat of nuclear war was a very real fear that hung over us as people growing up in the 70's and 80's. Some claimed that that very real threat meant peace was assured as no one would dare to risk war with nuclear weapons. Globalisation was well and truly underway then. It is firmly entrenched now and means the world needs to develop new ways of interacting.
What are our moral reponsibilities in a globalised world? First we need to try to understand how the world works. That isn't easy and it also depends on who you ask. Hence I try to help you to become independent, self-reliant, critical-thinking, open-minded, curious people who are keen to learn.
Here is a peace for kids site that may have interesting stuff in it.
Tell me what you think about peace.
How about fair trade?
Have you considered your moral responsibility in terms of your "carbon footprint"? [calculate yours here]
What else is relevant to this discussion?


HamilTRON said...

I think Peace revolves around Globalization as relationships with other people, goverments and Companies.It can mean civil war, fair trade agreements being signed, and governments collapsing. I think the world of war is always in the equation of life. People will never stop fighting each other until the last man stands. The United States Of America has many agreements with countries all over the world. I think if America is pushed to come out of Iraq, And if they say 'no' Some of their agreements will be terminated. When countries sign Free-Trade agreements I think it does impact their economy and amount of goods exported and imported into countries. Peacekeepers try to spread the word on peace. Like Kofi Annan. I think that people really need to stop their greed and actually open their eyes into the world. Next second they find themself stuck in a ditch


MrWoody said...

wow - very interesting comments Hamiltron. I will ask your father if you can be the head boy of our new school. I think he may want a more formal education for you, but i shall try to create something that he can't resist - a school so amazing all the world will know about it!
thank you for your time and dedication to your studies. also thanks for being prepared to take a risk and share your opinion. :-)
I understand what you mean about human nature being violent, but can you really not imagine a world where people live in harmony? clearly it is a LONG way off. our world is so much more evil than many of us are prepared to admit. having said that - there is much to celebrate and there is great beauty all around us - so much hope!
right - back to chicken fence building.... or should i start the barbie instead??? ;-)

HamilTRON said...

Um.... maybe start the barbie and get sasha to look after it. Then start building!
Everybody have a great time at camp!


gnome said...

I think that it is not ok to use a little violence for a greater cause because like alot if people say if you're not sure about something don't talk about it(it might not exactly refer to the current discussion but it is along the lines of it).

Gaboose said...
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MrWoody said...

that is a very intense and dour opinion - but i suspect it is also based on millennia of experience - such is the beauty of studying history. however, history can inform us and we can make change.

Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

Um... what discussion?
Ok, about nuclear, remember, NZ isn't the sort of counrty to have nucular stuff anyway, so... you'd better fill me in 2morrow.

rosiegal said...

World peace would be a lovely and sensible thing, if only people could get along.
I agree with hamiltron, Globalisation is kinda all based or connected to peace. The way the world works and is, is because or is a way of peace.