Sunday, October 26, 2008

PE at the "Wonderschool"

Kerli made a comment about more PE but of a specific kind - she hasn't elaborated yet but will hopefully do so here. Please add your two cents worth....
My fave PE thing this year has been teaching scrummaging, rucking, mauling, passing and kicking for rugby. Cece was my most inspirational learner cos she was right into the rough stuff due to her dad having been a prop once upon a time.  Very cool. 
At my new school PE would be based around achieving the skills and fitness levels necessary to achieve cool goals like walking a gnarly tramping track, or sailing, kayaking, fishing, tenting, fire making, etc to be able to manage ones own needs on a long distance over night trip somewhere. Bush survival skills. Navigating. Trying something different like a range of martial arts. Snorkelling and then SCUBA diving when old enough. Building things. Making and racing fast things.  Entering a school team in something with tournaments far afield.   
Quidditch? [i guess that's stretching it, as i really am serious about the other stuff]


Dreamhuntres said...

Oh I would also like rock climing with real tall rocks e.c.t

gnome said...

But Mr. Woody yhat would take alot of resources where are you going to get the time and the money to achieve your goal and since it has a totally different way of teaching than the government I don't think the government would invest alot of their money on it.

Snowy said...

Mr Woody, PE at your scholl would be AWESOME. It would be cool to do those things all day, every day!!!!!!

HamilTRON said...

Hey guys!
I think that the P.E programme at Mr Woody's school would be different but cool as! But would we have to travel every two days to do our P.E? Would we be not allowed to do these activities under the law of eductation? We have lots of problems. But I think we can figure our minds around them!!!
P.S Everybody have a great time at camp tomorrow.


HamilTRON said...

Can we have extensive P.E sessions?
Have catch-up sessions?
BTW I asked Mr Bromell If we could have a Kakepuku T-Ball Tournament.
He said we could if the other classes agree!
Say yes if you would like our classes to be in it!


MrWoody said...

i imagine we'd be active around the school or on adventures every day - there would be fitness targets to achieve. there would be special activities that would link to wider goals and would involve attaining skills to be able to achieve those goals. For example, if we were going to the Galapagos to follow in Darwin's footsteps, we would learn to sail, navigate, SCUBA dive or snorkel, etc.
If we were going to do something like the "coast to coast" race at our own level we would need to mountain run, kayak, cycle, mountain bike, etc.
If we were doing an outward bound style survival week we would learn bush survival skills, orienteering, camping and tramping skills, etc.
The thing is, we wouldn't be restricted by fear, paternalism and a concept of a sealed school environment.

rosiegal said...

Sounds cool, and fun! Ive always wanted to try scooba diving!

HamilTRON said...

It would be cool to go on a field trip to the Galapogos Islands!. Studying wildlife and rare species!


HamilTRON said...

Mr Woody that's an awesome idea! We could have our own coast-to-coast or Amazing race and stuff like that. WOuld we be having sessions to learn the skills of the comp's?


Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

Help me. Help me. Help me. Help me. Help me. Help me. Help me. Help me. Help me. Help me.
I have no idea what you're saying! My brain is soup!

olly said...

that would be SO cool(kinda like Tihou at St Pauls)what is Quidditch anyway? is this school acually going to come to life? if so when?my favourite p.e this year has also been learning rugby and i want to play it next year. i would deffinitly come to your school next year mr woody!!

Roo said...

Mr Woody,
Instead of it being a school idea, it could be a camp which you stay at for a whole year doing all these awesome things. Every weekend you could go back home and stay with your parents.

MrWoody said...

good thinking, Roo