Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Raglan Area School Enviro stuff

I'm at a cool presentation about doing inquiries about environmental education.
The following site is their knowledgenet with interesting resources to check out.
username "teacher3" password "a"

There is info to make you think about issues relating to the recent Olympic Games


I_luv_animals_AKA_ashymashy said...

hey mr.woody!ashmashy here i went on to your account and experimented i wanted to try something so i uploaded some of the old feild trip pics!but you can delete them if you like i went on to research tools and looked on some of there sites like how stuff works and map of nz but i couldn't find out were the olympic stuff was!could you help me?

Dreamhuntress_Solitaire Angelz said...

I went onto the wed site: 'visit a school', but there wasn't peachgrove on there.

mudpies02 said...

Sorry this is really off topic, but did anyone watch 'Aftershock' last night??? It was this cool sort of movie thingy about an imaginary earthquake (set mainly in Wellington) and how people coped. It was really interesting!

rosiegal said...

Nah, I didnt watch that program, but the add looked cool.
Once I logged on I had a look around but it was abit confusing so I didnt no what to do!

Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

I watched aftershock. Freeeeeeasky. I liked that woman and ehr mates who were drinking toilet water!!!
I tried logging on, but it seemed to be a blur. Maybe this is Teachers stuff. Y'know, all little print with no actual information.

Room24 said...

hi i am from room 24 mrs mcghies class i realy love you blog and i hope you can coment to our blog space and i really like the dancing video J.M