Sunday, October 19, 2008


Mrs R is going to arrange for us to have Youtube unblocked for me to use so we can continue with our collaborative assignment with M3.
I have created a class account for us to use - "Room5iansRule" - I will give you the password in class so you can access it to post your work once it is completed.
I have been enjoying watching kendo movies on there - You can use Youtube to learn so many things.
Please get your parents permission before using Youtube and follow normal cybersafety rules.
Have fun Learning!


olly said...

That sounds cool as!!


निशांत मिश्र said...

Nice blog!

Nishant from India

Candycane said...

Cool! Can't wait to start. Plus look at my long as comment on the "its a small world" post!!

Gaboose said...
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Dreamhuntres said...

Awsome, can't wait to start.

(P.S: who r u : gaboose)

mojo said...

Woo it will be really cool if you tube was unblocked at school.

Roo said...

YouTube is great for learning. I agree it would be awesome if was unblocked at school.

mech boy said...

There is a clip on you tube called
"the battle at Kruger" which shows a cattle of buffalo, a pride of lions, and a pair of crocodiles fighting over a young buffalo. It has 37,800,000 hits!
It's not bloody (nothing gets killed or anything like that).
I found it quite interesting in seeing the different tactics the animals used.

HamilTRON said...

Yes It would be awesome.
P.S does anyone know how to upload videos onto youtube?

gnome said...

oh yeah and there's that funny as video called numa numaa yoda with dancing yoda
p.s Mr woody what's that site we have to go on about 2019

mudpies02 said...

zerounlocked has some cool ideas for our project, we just need to come up with some more ideas to make a storyboard and everything :o)

Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...


**KERLI** said...

It sounds fun but I wish we could doit with our friends. I work better with friends and I don't work that well with people I don't know well.