Sunday, August 06, 2006

Fact Finders, Problem Solvers, Technology Users

Remember - your personal project requires a knowledge attack on a topic. While you are investigating your topic, you should discover some interesting question that needs answering. You then need to plan your inquiry. Your audience needs to be identified - ask yourself "Who am I presenting my findings to?" Decide how to most interestingly present your final product. Use the technology we have in the room - plan to podcast if possible. You can use images and recorded voices and music.
The most important thing is, starting with an interesting, focused, open, fat question.
Second - research effectively, take notes in your own words [dot jot], and present your findings in a way that shows you have answered your question[s] and have used the iwrite software [with data projector], or the mp4 player [podcasting], or the internet [blogs, etc].
Be creative - remember, you must demonstrate above average intelligence, task commitment and creativity. Think outside the square and try to impress yourself and your audience.
Have fun!


laffydaffy said...

I'm thinking of doing a podcast to present my project.

Mr Woody said...

good idea, laffy - you may read the manual and play with the mp4 thingy in project time tomorrow.

Sig said...

I might be doing a slide show with cool pictures and stuff. But I might change it to being a podcast! That would be much more interesting, aye? Anyway, I've been looking at that Archimedes thing and it's really interesting (for all the people who haven't seen it)........ =)

Mr Woody said...

i'm thrilled you are intrigued, sog - and i agree podcasting your results would be more challenging and satisfying. afterall - you all know how to make powerpoint slideshows already.
well done - you are champ of the night!!!