Friday, August 11, 2006

Personal Project Requirements

1. On your blog, make a space for your personal project.
2. Write your topic, essential question, subsidiary questions, sources and resources, as well as your intended audience and product.
3. Add info to that section of your blog as you make progress. Remember, your subsidiary questions may change as you discover more information.
4. Keep up to date

Make sure your essential question is open and fat.


laffydaffy said...

When are they due?

blondebob said...

iv made a blog for my personal project. can you please check it and see if its alright?

Mr Woody said...

due end of this term.
project space on your blog must be up and running by the end of week 5.

Howdy! said...


Done and dusted mr Woody!

Well, i have made a blog that has that information on it!~

Can you please check to see if it is alright?

Howdy! said...

Well, you know what I mean anyway, but we don't have any subsidiary questions yet!

Sig said...

This may seem a bit off topic but, you know how you asked how did I get the topic of the Trojan Horse from knowledge attacking Italy/Rome? Come to my blog and there's a post on there about it, I've also got my inquiry stuff on there. =)

magster said...

All done Mr. woody!!!

Jess said...

Can u please come and check if my personal project blog is ok?

laffydaffy said...

Done Mr Woody.

Maxiboy... said...

heres my project
My one is on "the fall of rome" with isaac
Essential questions:How did the western roman empire destroyed?
Sources and resources:Books:The fall of rome
Websites:WWW.The fall of
Subsidary questions?
How come the most powerful empire was destroyed?
Could the roman empire prevented their defeat?
Important dates???
293AD:Roman empire split into east and west under two emperors
455AD:Vandals sack rome
476AD:Western rome empire destroyed.
Audience:The class and maybe Pirongia or the school.

fernando645 said...

mine and jacobs might be good just wait and see

Urxan said...

Okay, I'd better get on to it!


* AnnA * said...

I've made one now...

* AnnA * said...

oh and by the way if you didn't know i'm anna!

young veteran said...

help me! my project is dieing, my info is dwindeling. save me before my project terns to dust!
come to my blog

Maxiboy... said...

The Reasons for the fall of rome (dot jot note taking)
Personal projects dot jot note taking
The reason of the fall of rome
Morals and Values
*The morals and values that kept together the Roman legions and the roman empire could not be maintained towards the end of the empire.
*Even during paxromana there were 32,000 prostitutes.
*The emporors of western and eastern rome became disliked for spending so much money on riducolous and lavished partys.
*During the latter years of the empire farming was done on large estates called latifundia that were owned by wealthy men who used slave labor.
*A farmer who had to pay workmen could not produce goods as cheaply. Many farmers could not compete with these low prices and lost or sold their farms.
military spending
*Maintaining an army to defend the border of the Empire from barbarian attacks was a constant drain on the government.
*Military spending left few resources for other vital activities, such as providing public housing and maintaining quality roads and aqueducts.
*Frustrated Romans lost their desire to defend the Empire.
* The empire had to begin hiring soldiers recruited from the unemployed city mobs or worse from foreign counties.

The Final blows
*For years, the well-disciplined Roman army held the barbarians of Germany back.
*Then in the third century A. D. the Roman soldiers were pulled back from the Rhine-Danube frontier to fight civil war in Italy.
*This left the Roman border open to attack.
*Gradually Germanic hunters and herders from the north began to overtake Roman lands in Greece and Gaul (later France).
*Then in 476 A. D. the Germanic general Odacer or Odovacar overthrew the last of the Roman Emperors, Augustulus Romulus.
*From then on the western part of the Empire was ruled by Germanic chieftain.
*Roads and bridges were left in disrepair and fields left untilled.
*Pirates and bandits made travel unsafe.
*Cities could not be maintained without goods from the farms, trade and business began to disappear.
*And Rome was no more in the West.

Thanks max brewster.

young veteran said...