Thursday, August 10, 2006

Socio dialogical Colaboration

That sounds flash - Who can write a comment to explain it to the teachers who read this?
Can you explain what it means and why doing it is important for you and your learning?


Horsegirl said...

Socio dialogical Colaboration

Socio means social
dialogical means speech
Colaboration, I can't remember!

In other words its a fancy word for talking with each other!

It's good to do because you can learn things off each other.

Mr Woody said...

that's right, horsey - well done!
nice worm farms too, by the way.

laffydaffy said...

Socio Dialogical Collabration means taliking to each other. It is important because you can learn things of each other and and talk about your learning.

Did you take the wormys home, if you did, don't bring them to school, you know why.


laffydaffy said...

Anyway, whats the point of the word verification whaen you got spammed by anonoymous

Mr Woody said...

word verification stops automatic spamming. the anonymous bit is irrelevant, i think. good question though.
and nice of you to warn horsey about her worms impending doooom!!!!
don't worry - i will talk to the potential worm murderer and make sure they are safe.

【※ 『§mr. brainy§』 ※】 said...

They take little wormies and put them in a prison and watch them die!! I reakon that they should free them and leave them!!

ps worms are good for the environment

Mr Woody said...

two good points mr brainy - remember to show your spelling words to your dad and apologise for being difficult. he's got better things to do than come into school to follow up things you should be doing anyway.
have a good weekend. good luck with your project. remember to make your project section on your own blog.

young veteran said...

mwo ha ha wormys must die. oh and what they siad.

Maxiboy... said...

i think that the girls ( gwen and rebecca.w and b.) should stop killing and taking the worms your killing inocent creatures how would you like it

laffydaffy said...

Well, I think the worms should be left because they help the soil and they could die because they have been taken to a different enviroment and exposed to light, the oil on outr skin and... HUMANS!!!!