Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Oops - sorry wordsmiths

life got in the way of word study list tonight - my ap0logies. well done to Hannah and those who looked for it.
see you at school tomorrow with accordion novel material and personal project research materials. if you can, bring an A3 pad for your art project.


Howdy! said...

oh.. that is fine and dandy to me Mr WOody!

I think I will be at school tomorrow as my mother doesn't think I am sick enough to stay home!

I will also not have a pad tomorrow but I promise I will have one soon..... where can you buy them?



Sig said...

I've got a really bad cold so I have to stay off of school, but I'm doing my art and personal project whenever I get a chance. =)


Sig said...

Howdy, you can get them at the warehouse stationary (bad spelling)

blondebob said...

sorry, this isn't on topic but i just want to know if my speech topic is o.k.
TOPIC: Fur isn't a fashion statement, it's a death sentence.
hope it's o.k!

Ernesty said...

What is the Art Project?????? I've asked people but they don't tell me!

Jess said...

Sorry to be off topic but I have some questions on my "me and mr woodys blog" that urgently need answering!!!! There about personal projects, speeches and accordian novels!!!! PLease answer them as soon as possible!!!!

【※ 『§mr. brainy§』 ※】 said...

Pleeeease put new posts!!!!!