Monday, August 21, 2006

Martial arts in class

As it happens, we have expertise in various martial arts in our class.
What do you want to know about martial arts?
Did you realise you were doing basic aikido today? Does anyone know what aikido is?
I have posted some links for those of you studying martial arts as a topic.

aikido pics clips and info:

Of course, we now have a dreaded new flea weight wrestling champ. Perhaps judo might be an option for our wrestlers?

The other main Japanese art is Karate, which comes in many forms:

Of course, there is something mysterious and beautiful about the more ancient and deadly way of the samurai:

Not to be outdone, other countries have their own arts. China has tai chi chuan and different styles of kung fu. Perhaps it all began with the Shaolin monks:

Even the seemingly peaceful Indian culture has a martial style quite unique in itself:

Of course, all cultures probably had their own ways of fighting hand to hand. In our own beautiful country we have the fearsome Maori warrior tradition with beautiful but deadly hand made weapons:


catgirl said...

Nice lists of links, by the way. I might have a look at some of those.
Did you know that karate and martial art thingy-ma-bobs can do funny stuff to people? For exaple, there's this guy called Tony Anthony, who was a karate champ (I think)for 3 years. Then he became a body guard, and he had so much anger and fire inside of him he killed or injured anyone in his way to get to the person he wanted to! He got sentenced to 3 years jail, and after 1/2 a year, a guy came up to him and told him about Jesus and he became a Christian over night! How funkishly cool is that!
And then there's Sumo wrestlers who are so fat they have to get someone to wipe their bottoms for them (yeuch!)...

laffydaffy said...

yuck, you know sumo wrestles eat this soup thingy to make them fat

dan said...

can we learn all the pressure points of the body. they are very dangerous because you can hurt a person bad.

Sig said...

I do Wado Kai Karate, and I find it really hard work but afterwards you feel really refreshed. I could tell people about it if you're interested. It just 5 or 6 minutes away from Peachgrove (intermediate).

I might look at the links as well, but right now I don't have the time. Oh well.

catgirl said...

I reckon Karate is good for stuff like self defence, because if you're walking somewhere late at night and a person comes up to you and tries to kidnap, rape or do something else equally as pleasant to you then you can hurt them and run like mad.
For some tips on how to hurt them, go to my brand new blog!!! Yay!

Sig said...

Karate isn't all just hitting people and trying to bash them up, you know. It's also about teaching you respect, self-discipline and techique. Then, and only then, are you able to bash people up! (laughs)

catgirl said...

I didn't say it wasn't, Sig. True, technique and blah are important-they're pretty much the most important thing! But I was saying that it is good for self defence, not that it is all about hurting others. But you've got to admit it is a rather satisfactory way to beat others up!
And what you said about "then, and only then can you beat them up" doesn't have to be true-there's just no guarantee you won't get in trouble for doing it!!!

Mr Woody said...

great point sigorama 8>)

Sig said...

me sorry catgirl....... =S (muffles a giggle) your cool so i wont the word? .........ANNOYING! thats it! and yes it IS very satisfactory when you get to free-spar with someone you don't like! (evil laugh)

and you can beat people up before you know everything in the world (i guess) but you won't be as good.

P.S. thanks mr woodles for acknowledging!

P.P.S. CUTE picture catgirl!

Ernesty said...

mr woody i want 2 include 2 modern martial arts and 2 martial arts that were made a long time ago.

The modern 1s r: taekwondo and muay thai

historic martial arts: kung fu and karate
can u plz tell me ur opinion?


Ernesty said...

actually can i change the question, i want it to be based on karate and taekwondo (because they are the main martial arts you can learn right now), how bout "karate VS taekwondo?"
we can talk about it at skool.

Urxan said...

Mr Woody,
Can we learn martial arts for P.E.? People like Sig could teach us the basics and the we can do self defence thingys???


Ernesty said...

mr woody can you come 2 my blog, we can chat there, just go 2 the "talk space!" thnx

laffydaffy said...

I've never been interested in martial arts but it is a good way to defend yourself and it teaches you dicipline

Mythril Saber said...

I've seen a real martial arts professional, who does kung Foo, his name is Tony Anthony and he definatly did not do karate-Karate is just self defence, Tony Anthony killed people and snapped their arms off when he met them because he was soo angry.

Monkey-man said...

dont forget there are many more typs of martial arts a.k.a judo,karate,tykwando,sumo,tysheing-pekwa and more i think . you haved learnt well my sons

Mr Woody said...

nice sign off line, monkey man - made me laugh - as for you, sabor -you are talking rubbish - no offence. but you have your facts wrong.

The_Master_Mind said...


And Sabor is actually telling the truth. I've met TONY ANYTHONY in person, and he did kill people. He's part Chinese and part Italian. His father had some rare illness, and they couldn't afford to keep him. He was sent to live with his grandfather. His grandfather was a craised loony(only to people who don't know him)and at the age of 4, he was beating TONY ANTHONY daily. He would literly beat him unconscious. he would wake him up with a bucket of water. His Grandfather was training him to be a Kung-fu master, which he became. He did(as catgirl said) become the kung-fu champion for a couple of years. he became a body guard trainer, then after persuasion
from one of his friends, became one himself. One of the people he was guarding was a gambler
, and one day asked him to collect a
dept that some one owed him. He also asked him to bash him around a bit to set a example. TONY ANTHONY declined his proposal, but his wife died in a car crash a couple of days later. When he herd that she had died, he turned really angry and he used to take out his anger on other people. he went up to the person he was body guarding and took up his proposal. After a while he wasn't actually doing any body guard work, he was more of a personal dept collecter. His parents thought that he, being a body guard, would have some money. So they asked him for some. He didn't actually have some money on him, so he decided that the next person that he collects a dept from he'll steal money from them as well. So he did. When he was stealing te mony from the next dept owing person(who was in a hotel), he found that he had allot of money. He then decided that, if this person has allot of money, then all the other people on this floor will also have alot of money. So he broke in and robed every one else on that floor. He was eventually caught sent to jail. while he was in jail, he was really angery, and took his anger out on people. He was as catgirl said converted to christianality, and became really calm and peaceful. He has surved his sentince and is now traveling around the world and prisions telling people abouut Jesus and christionality.

To learn more about TONY ANTHONY, buy his book "Taming the Tiger."
It's the book about his life story.



Mr Woody said...

great post master mind - but you still haven't proven anything. you have merely written out your opinion. and that is based on some guy weho its trying to convert people to christianty and sell books, so how trustworthy is that? as for karate being a defensive art, i would like you to justify that statement too.

The_Master_Mind said...

I think after knowing me for long enough, you should trust peoples statements and what they say.

And he, TONY ANTHONY, was ask by a person if he would right this book, and is not trying to make millions to pay for the fee of his personnel plesure and leasure. And I think after hering someone speak to me, remembering that his religion is christion, that it's against his religion to lie and decive. And also remembering that it is also against his religion to not spread the word. To keep it to himself and not spread it.

I also think that you not having a religion is pretty sad. You have no meaning for the world to exist. You have no purpose for your life. And also to not have a relogion, but to
disparrige and put down religions. Thinking that all of THEM are just trying to suck you in. Like political parties at elections. Even if you have a religion, you should respect other peoples religion.

Yours thruthfuly,


Mr Woody said...

great comment master mind - but, to be sure, knowing someone doesn't mean they don't have to prove their point with references, etc.
you also need to work on punctuation and spelling.
keep up the interesting comments - just try to give references to back up your point.
you have excellent speaking and debating skills. they need honing though.
please don't think i'm trying to disparage your beliefs. try to look beneath the surface, grasshopper...
p.s. not believing in religious traditions doesn't make my life pointless or sad [necessarily] - but of course, we must agree to disagree.