Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hi Room 5!

Wow - so many more of you are flodding in - great work - I have just got home, read all your posts and am off to walk the dog. Then I have to iron my shirt for my date with my wife - then it's date time so you guys miss out tonight except that I would like you all to do the survival quiz and post your results. Don't worry if you're parents want you to get off the computer - you need balance in your life. Remember - if you can't do your homework for ANY reason, just bring a note and there will be no drama.
Happy valentines day!
Mitchell - bad luck re the arm snapping and missing swimming champs. You're a champion and you will come back. Do the work already posted on this blog. Look back over old stuff too.
Prim - yes, more P.E. is required.
Everyone else - keep posting and make your blogs interesting.

As for tomorrow's fantasy trip to Kakepuku - beware of plate tectonics and tsunamis - prepapre for a survival adventure with fantastical possibilities!!!!
Bring your mythical creature and survival info to score extra points in our survival scenario - you will be immersed in a flood of opportunities to use your skills and knowledge....
duh duh duuuhh.....!!!!


K.O.D. said...

Hey Woody's Class!
Feel free to visit my blogs, including my very first one at, and all poets or poets-to-be please go to!!! See you round!

Gwe Lee
Shadowing Wolf
Okay, I'll shut up now

Kitty Kat said...

Yay 100/100 yay yay yay!!!!

primprim said...

hey mr woody
im glad you agreed about the P.E.
id love to see what type of outdoor games you could teach us about.
by the way i got 90/100 in the test
prim :P

primprim said...
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primprim said...

by the way happy valentines ev'ryone! (not that ur doing anything related to it, or are you?)
prim :P

shorty said...

:-0+< do you like my smiley man

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

hi everyone!!!
cool smiley person shorty!! :-)+<
hey mr woody the thanks again for the pinky it was reeeeeeeal yum!
the first time i did the test i got 30/100 yes, im a city girl but then i did it again and got 100!:)! yay yay yay! well can some people pleeeeeeeeeeeease have a look at my blog and leave a comment< thank-you!!!

from guesswho?? (ellie)

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

p.s. my address is


Anonymous said...

hi! by the way my blog address is please leave a comment (i will leave a comment on yours ellie if you leave a comment on mine PLEASE!!!!!! =)

chickenwing said...

see my fish