Wednesday, February 07, 2007

wilderness survival quiz

this quiz is designed for an american audience but all of the questions are applicable to the NZ situation.
for your information, granola is probably some kind of cereal... it's mentioned in one question.

take the test - it's brief and will teach you something useful i think.


Kate said...

Hi Mr Woodcock Sir
Its Kate from your class.
Can you please email me my maths homework (if you get this tonight)
cya tomorrow

Mr Woody said...

Hi Kate - welcome aboard! I can't email or post your homework as it is on a worksheet at school and I am at home. Nice try though. Well done.
See you tomorrow.
Mr Woody 8>)

p.s. you are the first Room 5 blogger! congrast!

Kitty Kat said...

this is just so you can accsess my blog
(though its not very interesting and I don't know if it lets you.....)
kitty kat (kate)

tellytubby8 said...

hi mr woody its emma i am really excited about the kakepuku trip. i think we will have loads of fun this year.

p.s.(pepper and salt) c u 2morro
:-D :) :-}

Mr Woody said...

kittykat and Tellytubby - WELCOME -so great to have you on board.
I have just been out in the country walking the dog and looking for fabulous houses to buy. sadly i have no money.

remember to make your blogs accessible to others or we cannot visit your site to see what you have to say.
Have a great day and see you at school on Monday.

tellabrina said...

hi mr woody
its annmaree
i have just got back from the weetbix tryathlon and i got a medal.whilst i was the i saw jessie. this year i found the tryathlon easy and afterwards i felt great!

Mr Woody said...

tellabrina - what a cooool nickname - and i am so impressed by your great tryathlon achievement. well done!

and welcome aboard - and from now on, no capitals allowed on the blog except to show respect for names if you want to. or because you want to practice using perfect punctuation...[which is a very worthy cause.]

jessica said...
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penguin8jessica said...

what did people get for the survival quiz? if you didnt get a high score...dont feel bad :( i only got 50/100 :(

Mr Whacky said...

hi mr woody. i signed up like you said to but i dont really know what to do now. im cameron by the way.

Kitty Kat said...

Hi Mr Wooddy,
how do you set up your account to send you emails when someone comments on your blog?
Cya 83)
P.S the word vertification thing is annoying.

Chocolate lover said...
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cheeseboy said...

Hi mr woody
its jayden are you gonna grow a goatie???

primprim said...

hi mr woody
this is prim ( duh, obviously ).
the survival test is pretty cool. i got 90/100 which isn't too bad. my mum tried and she got 40/100. so jessica doesn't have to feel bad, not that she is or anything.
prim :o} :p

Mr Woody said...

great to hear from you all - prim, cheesey, penguinjess and co.
i am also looking forward to the kakepuku trip - feel free to show your enthusaism for things in class - that way i will know what you want to investigate, study, learn, experience, enjoy, etc.
you are all great kids and i want to do my best for you, but you need to show me the way and help me with good behaviour and dedication to learning.
have a great night and keep posting - i'm off to walk the dog!

Catarara said...

I didn't go very well I only got 40/100 tehe. :)

luigi said...

hi mr woody
i'm caleb. the test was pretty good, i got 50/100.
good to see you changed the address to room5
cya :-)

mintybirdy said...
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Chocolate lover said...

Hey Mr Woody
Its Kinsasha I did the test and I got 100% yay!!!

Bonebreaker said...

Hi Mr Woody,
Finally got in -yay! It's mitch here. Do you have any homework for me?

primprim said...

do you think we'll have to use the info on the survival quiz when we go to mount kakepuku?
prim :o}

George said...
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chickenwing said...

im george from your class and i got 80 on the test

Anonymous said...

hey everyone its emma please leave a comment on my blog my address is tell me if it is not working and i will fix it!!!!!!!!

Ezylryb said...

hi mr woody.
how do u post without going on to the comments?
c u on monday!

Ezylryb said...
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Anonymous said...

hey i got 70 percent in the wilderness survival quiz!!!!!!!!!! go me!!!!! yay yay yay