Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Kakepuku trip

As part of getting to know our class, team, school and local area, we will be visiting our mountain group maunga - Kakepuku.
I have a sneaky feeling something dramatic may happen while we're there, so we need to be prepared.
I suggest we research the mountain, the native flora and fauna, survival skills and see if we can be prepared for any possible disaster that may occur while we are there. I'm sure we'll be safe, but what if we're not....

some of these sites may be useful to read up on survival skills - please evaluate them and take notes on useful ideas. make your notes in your homework book. write down which sites you take notes from. do not copy all the info - just write out the bits that are useful in your own words. the sites may not all be useful.... this is the important thing to remember about the internet.

Are these sites designed for people in the NZ environment? If not, is the info still useful to us?

Enjoy your searching and be responsible about taking notes and not plagiarising.


Anonymous said...

hi mr woody.
you r the coolest tescher ever!

Anonymous said...

oops i mean coolest teacher, because i dont know what a tescher is!

Mr Woody said...

thank you Caitlin - that means a lot to me. I want to be a good teacher for you this year and teach you even more than NAthan.
Love to your whanau.
See you tomorrow
[and no more capitals from me in this blog]

cheeseboy said...

mr woody
when is the kakepuku class trip?

Mr Woody said...

the actual kakepuku class trip is later in the term - the mysterious fantasy version is from tomorrow...

primprim said...

hi mr woody
I can't wait til' the trip. it'll be so exciting.
i really do hope we don't have to kill anything and i'm pretty sure none of us will die.
prim }:%}=

Anonymous said...

hi mr woody i have changed my name i am not tellytubby any more any way i just got a new flasher blogger account so i am pretty sure you can acess mine now

K.O.D. said...

Ahh... Tuhua all over again then, Mr Woody? That should be fun. Maybe to make sure everyone does stuff, do maybe a little more in classtime??? Maybe I'll send you the prologue of my Tuhua story when I get round to finishing it!

Your Faithful Servant,
Gwe Lee
Urxan the Almighty

Mr Woody said...

beware of the unexpected, people... in the fantasy version of the trip, anything could happpen!!!
as for you, gwe le - you rule the universe. or shall sooon, i suspect.
and thanks for the advice - i will make the sprogs do the work in class this year. they can post diary entries at home.
and thanks for inviting the budding poets and writers into your guild.
room fivers - trust gwe le. she is super cool.

Anonymous said...

hi mr woody tomorrow can we have a longer USSR time after lunch because i have a really good book!!!!!!!!

Bi Bi =}

-xX-TiNkAbElLe-Xx- said...

hey mr woody its spud... umm i was just wondering if ur gunna say the homework out loud in class so that people who dont yet have a blog can sign up??

Miss Candy said...

It's me niranjika. i got a 90% on the survival skills quiz if any one got higher than me please don't say.

Miss Candy said...

I dun the research

Skipper Bob said...

Thanks to your blog, my parents finally had to get our own internet account - Thanks