Friday, February 16, 2007

Kakepuku class tasks....

Kakepuku Catastrophe! Activities and due dates

[please note - i expect you to look up any words you do not understand. Room5ians work hard on developing their vocabulary so they can communicate effectively.]

Activity 1: Survival skills

§ Compile a list of survival strategies or skills – write it in your topic book. There are at least four important things to know about…
Write down the title and author of any books you used or the url of any website.

Due Tuesday 3pm 20th Feb.

Activity 2: Mythological creatures

§ Research mythical creatures and describe in your own words several that interest you. Do at least three. Include one that can fly and one that lives in the ocean as this may help you when disaster strikes on Kakepuku. Include images for extra credit. Write the info in your writing book.
Due Friday 23rd Feb. 3pm

§ Research taniwha and manaia – Maori mythological creatures – draw and describe one in your topic book. Write down the Title and author of any books you used or the url of any website. Include images for extra credit.
Due Wednesday 28th Feb. 3pm

§ Create a poster, A4 size, with a border, using colour, including a title. Design your own mythical creature. This should have features that could be useful in assisting you in your plight on Kakepuku. Draw the creature. Name it. Write a brief description of it, its attributes and abilities.
Due Friday 2nd March 3pm [is this a real date? I should check my calendar...]

Activity 3: Creative writing

§ Write the introductory description of the disaster on Kakepuku in your topic or writing book.
Due Friday 16th Feb. 12:30pm

§ Daily diary writing describing the activities of your group, written from your point of view.
o Entries need to be well written, using emotive and descriptive language. Correct punctuation and spelling must be used. Use paragraphing accurately.
o The entries do not need to be very long. Between half a page to a page. Include what happens to you and your group, how you feel and how you cope with daily survival needs must be included. Describe your surroundings.
This will be drafted and either completed in class or to be completed for homework several days each week until the adventure ends later in term one.
For extra credit, post your diary entries on your blog.

Activity 4: magic staff

§ Find a suitable stick to make a wand or staff out of. Gather resources to decorate it. Bring this all to school to work on.
Be prepared to design a staff that suits a specific purpose – e.g. if you want to have the power of fire design symbols and attach materials that make you think of fire. If you want to control birds, have feathers. If you want to see into the future, add a crystal ball…
Due anytime week 5


Kitty Kat said...

wow! thats a lot of work!
do we have to write the DAILY entry DAILY?
P.S I got my phone!!!!!!!!!
its pink!
hope you all have ideas for the kakepuku thinging mic boby!!
Kit De Kat :>)

primprim said...

i agree!
that is a lot of work. hopefuly we'll all finish the work by the time it is due.

Kitty Kat said...

do we do it at home or at school?
should we start this weekend?
how many sticks can you bring mr woody?
Kit De Kat

Mr Woody said...

it's not really that much work and it is spread out over several weeks. you will be doing it at school so make sure you bring the resources you need. there will be some books about mythological creatures and printouts about survival skills in class as well as pva glue for sticking things to your staffs or wands.

Kitty Kat said...

that still dosen't answer my question about how many sticks you can bring...nevermind though.
oh decode my message

dmvr dwhovogdgy fins ftbhve gbheqslt ftbegahclhrelr hiln dtkhve gwbojrflgd!!!!!
Clue: think seconds!!!

primprim said...

oh hello!

luigi said...

ooh! is it:
mr woody is the best teacher in the world?

luigi said...

was i right? doesnt matter, do u like my smiley man?

primprim said...

i got
mr woody is the best teacher in the world
is it right kate?

primprim said...

by the way mr woody,
that emu thing freaks me out, it has teeth.
I did'nt think birds were supposed to have teeth.
(Im a bird expert).
is that picture computerised?
i know someone else who is freaky...
mr evil professor!
}:%}= (that thing on the left is him).

Kitty Kat said...

how did you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(you can see i like exclamation marks!!)

ok since your all such clever cookies decode this one!

roundabout onion onion muesli

flip-flops internet voodoo excite

roundabout unicorn leotard excite sleep-walker

clue A Z and C are all part of me!!

primprim said...

I can't really decode that one, with the flip-flops and the leotards...
you should make a space in your blog for those codes.
my evil professor is copyright!

Kitty Kat said...

should we bring our sticks on monday and can we start them???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Mr Woody said...

kittykat - excellent code fun and thanks for the compliment.
bring as many sticks as you want and maybe you could give some to others who couldn't fnd any that were suitable.
we can start on monday.
nice icon, luigi.
prim - the bird is 'photoshopped'. you are correct - they don't have teeth.
thanks for blogging sensibly.

Anonymous said...

hey its emma please leave a comment on my blog my address is if it is not working please tell me and i will fix it!!!!! thnx bibi for now

funny bunnies said...

hello .if u think this is a lot of work think how luky we are to have reasorses and primprim i agree the ostrich has scary teeth!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(:%( (this is someone how is sad)

Miss Candy said...
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Miss Candy said...
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penguin8jessica said...

we do have lots of hw

penguin8jessica said...

ps like my pic?

Miss Candy said...

i hope i canevenmake the staff!!!

chickenwing said...

is there any things we cant do on our staff or wand

chickenwing said...

can we make our staffs at home

Mr Woody said...

hi chickenwing - flash blog, but nowhere to comment???

cheeseboy said...

r u gonna post anymOre homework on ur blog mr woody

ps. ur dog looks nice

Mr Woody said...

thanks for posting, squiddlers. homework will be randomly posted, cheeseboy. it will be either optional stuff or very important stuff. i will try to make it clear at the time.

Mr Woody said...

MsCandy - why did you delete posts? also, can you allow me access to your blog please so i can give feedback on your posts. i have tried to leave positive comments twice but can't.
if someone else reads this with access to her blog, let her know for me please.