Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Room 5 Rules!

Wow - i have spent one day with my new class, Room 5 and they seem super cool.
Geoff laughed at my jokes, Caitlin cheered for my wedding story and people followed instructions, worked hard, thought carefully, answered questions and were nice to be with.
We even found a giant tree weta on our drinking fountain. a good luck sign for sure.

Rules for the year - team work, hard work, quality work, quality people.

I'm looking forward to a marvellous 2007.


Ernesty said...

Hi! Mr woody... shouldn't you change the URL of the website to lol no one in your class has a blog yet...

hey mr woody u want me and justin to come in to teach animation?

ur trusty student...


Mr Woody said...

good thinking ernesto - can you teach me how to change my url without losing touch with reality?
and can you boys come and visit? i miss you all.
animation training shall begin once the new students are tamed.

Ernesty said...

lol - tamed... um to change the url:

1. go to settings
2. go to publishing
3. you can change the url there

Come to my blog! posted new stuff!

Oh yea the projector: are you gonna get the projector from the new room 9 to the new room 5??? it will b easiler for ur blog

one last thing: can i borrow your hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.. i want to read it for ussr...


Mr Woody said...

i guess i should've known that since i taught you to blog.

Mr Whacky said...

geoff laughs at a lot of things.

cheeseboy said...

i hate rules

Mr Woody said...

whacky - yes he does and it's lovely to hear laughter every day -a real gift. 8>)

cheeseboy - i like cheese but it's high in cholesterol

rules are necessary when people can't always do the right thing and often they help you, even if you don't like it.
try to be philosophical about it.

thanks for signing up and posting, guys!

primprim said...

why wouldn't room 5 rule?!

Catarara said...

nathan's tips for stick figure death theater movies...
normal stick figures are 90% blood and 10% brain. There exeptions like the super fighting sticks that are 70% blood 20% muscle and 10% brain. make sure to have the red pen ready when drawing them , as blood is a must. (=)-/---[ by nathan.

isn't that wonderful lots of blood lots of fun!:)

primprim said...

hi mr woody
what other exciting and marvalous things have you got in store for the fabulous rm 5?
i really wanna know!
PS we really need to do more PE stuff
prim :P

K.O.D. said...

Hey Uncle Woodles!
Sounds like your new class are right little happy dingus's.
Are they treatin' you right? Brought you cake and lollies? Learnt how to bribe you with Milkyway chocolate bars?
Anyway, can you E-mail me some of the stories I have on the school network? If you need to know, the pass is one of those smelly things with petals, with a CAPITAL at the start. Thanks Woody.

Miss you and your strange obsession with Y-fronts.

Gwe Lee

Post Script
Fraser's turning out to be alright, seeing as we haven't actually done any proper work to date. Keep smilin'! =D

primprim said...

mr woody? i didn't know we could bribe you with those milkyway bars!
don't worry. i probably wouldn't bribe you anyway

prim :P

Anthony said...

Are we still the best class ever or do you tell all your clssses they're the best just to make them feel better lol. Ex-Ex-Room 6 Rules!

Mr Woody said...

antos - you guys are the reigning champs - there were people like ernesto and gwe le who made last years class great , but overall they didn't cut the mustard compared to you guys. this year's class might be good too.
ciao for now

Kitty Kat said...

hey mr woody,

i figure you'll probably get this through your email so i just decided to write on this post because it seemed to make sense.

i'm writing this to say good luck for next year (at fairfield?) and the rest of forever. i had an amazing year last year (well 2007) and that was mainly thanks to you.

i've figured out what made you such a good well as teaching me how to teach myself and things, you taught me people skills. you created a fun and happy place where i could learn and enjoy myself. and that suited me really well. you made school something which i enjoyed rather than something which was...boring? so far you are (over all) the best teacher i have ever had. and i think i'll remember that year forever.

i didn't really talk to you last year but by the sounds of your blog you had a good year.

sorry i didn't get to come and see you on the last day and say this in person but i was a bit teary and not thinking straight.

thanks so much mr woody. i hope your having a good holiday. mum and dad say hi.

from kate.

MrWoody said...

KittyKat - you have honoured me with your lovely sentiments. I'm glad someone "got it". Thank you from the bottom of my heart :-)