Tuesday, February 13, 2007

you are a wonderful class!

i am so thrilled to have such a wonderful new class - room 5 rocks th e house!
please feel free to add ideas here for your classroom programme, how you feel about Peachygrove, or anything you would just LOVE to do this year.
if you are well behaved, repsectful, kind, fun, hard working, honest and dedicated to learning i will do anything i can to make your year a success.

p.s. i also dont' use capitals in th eblog but yo uhav eto spell coprrectl yand use corect punctuation wher epossibel - of course sometimes we will all make mistakes

[see? i need to learn to touch type - all those errors are from not proof reading what i typed and not learning to look at the screen while i type.]



primprim said...

hi mr woody
this is prim, i reckon room 5 rocks out loud!
I can't wait for what we are going to do in the class.
prim :p
P.S. don't worry about the typing thing, im pretty much the same. :o}

Catarara said...

We arn't just a wounderful class we are the best class in the school! :)

Kitty Kat said...

i agree!!
i would love to do the cellphone thing in class I think it would make class really!! fun!!!!!!!!
(not that it isn't already lol!)
if we do do the cellphone thing make sure we don't start until next week! I get my cellphone this weekend (Yay)

Catarara said...

yay for you kitty kat! :)

Catarara said...

mr woody do we miss lines on our writing sample and can we draw pictures?

primprim said...

mr woody is out walkin his dog

Catarara said...

mr woody...

Geoff said...

Of course we are wonderful.

P.S. I can't type either

luigi said...

i can't touch type at all (if i tried it would look like this;