Thursday, February 15, 2007

Kakepuku Catastrophe!

Oh NO! What started out as a normal class trip to our special mountain - Kakepuku - has ended in disaster.
After all the learning, careful planning, survival preparation and excitement, we finally headed off in the school bus with mr Dyer to climb our maunga. We drove towards Te Awamutu, across the beautiful rolling Waikato dairy land,parked up and got ourselves into our expedition teams. With backpacks stuffed with only the most important survival gear, we wandered off across the farmland towards the verdant slopes and regenerating bush.
Some of us moaned at the growing heat and the ever steepening slope. Others revelled in the freedom from the classroom, surrounded by birds, native trees, and our ever-rambling teacher, Mr Woody.
Once across the farmland, having encountered the odd inquisitive jersey cow and skittish newly shorn ewe, we clambered across the last bit of number eight wire and entered the bush zone.
Even though it was shadier, the incline made it hard going. Rewarewa and kohekohe sheltered us from the scorching sun, but our shirts were soon drenched with sweat. We all sighed with relief whe we broke into a clearing and got to sit down to rest and drink our precious cool water.
Mr Woody was twittering on about fantails, wood pigeons, skylarks and various obscure invertebrates when suddenly....


[Complete your own retelling of the story after this point. We will draft it at school and write it in our writing books. After that initial introduction we will plan and write daily diary entries on our personal blogs.]

vocab to remember for the disaster explanation - earthquake, plate tectonics, horst and graben, tsunami.

Use Y-charts to stimulate your creative writing. Draft, edit and try out your writing on a friend. Does it make sense? Is the explanation full enough without being boring? Do you make sentences interesting and describe things well? Paint a picture with your words. Write about what you see in your head.



Anonymous said...

hello i really really can't wait till the trip what does the class think will happen (you can email me on my blog so please tell me)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kitty Kat said...

hiya bit strange if you ask me!
are we ment to die or are we ment to live (in the story!) !!!!!
i'm not sure about my story but it sounds confusing!!!!!!!!!!
wow my brain in ssppiinniinngg (spining)!
(its not that bad!!!!)

primprim said...

mr woody it is 9:05pm. i was just checking to see if you posted any thing new. i might need to complete the story over the weekend

Mr Woody said...

don't worry puppyluvr - the purpose is to think, plan, work cooperatively, research survival skills and kakepuku and mythological creatures, as well as writing creatively.
kittykat no one is meant to die. it's a creative writing exercise and a research task.
a clear task sheet is coming now that you've survived the mysterious wait to see what is going on...

Kitty Kat said...

are we ment to do it at home through blogger?
Kit De Kat

Kitty Kat said...

la la la home home home phone phone phone la la la hi hi hi
how are you guys so far (even though its only been 15 minutes since school!) nothing is actually going to happen to us one the real Kakepuku trip is it?
I have to go
Kit De Kat

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

Hey mr woody
thanks for commenting on my blog, and what happened to that kakepuku "things to do" list that you posted on the room5 blog?

have a great weekend!!!
from ellie!!!

Catarara said...

this kakepuku catastrophe work is fun! thanks for the snakes mr woody they were yummy!

Mr Woody said...

posts of your writing can be made on your blog for extra 'credit'.

nothing bad will happen to you on the 'real' Kakepuku trip. mind you, nothing bad was supposed to happen to Mitchell's arm during the beep test either, so it pays to be prepared....

[Mitchell - great to have you back]

Anthony said...

What's a Y Chart??? lol not that I need to know :)