Sunday, March 04, 2007

blogging skills and security

blog security is very important. all room5ians must follow cybersafety rules.
you must also write respectfully at all times. remember - all of what you write is going to be read by someone else at some stage - it may not even be this year - one day it will be read - so be polite, respectful and say sensible interesting things.
if you are not sensible, you will make it difficult for any of us to enjoy the interactive world of blogging.

make the title of your posts eye catching.

please post comments about:

1. what you think "netiquette" might be.

2. any cybersafety rules you know

3. what the purpose of our blogs are or could be - [remember - this blog is for learning]

we will be completing a survey soon to investigate your internet usage and anything your parents do to help keep you cybersafe.

each of you will also sit with me in class to investigate your blog, check for cybersafety, and answer any questions you have regarding the set up of your blog.
for example, i would like yo uto have word verification turned on and disallow anonymous posts. if you are smart, you will have email notification turned on too. this means that when a post is made on your blog, you will be sent an email with the message and a link to it in your blog. this makes it easy to keep track of all posts.

and PLEASE remember - this blog is for school and i encourage you to use it - BUT, if your parents don't want you too, you must respect their wishes. all important school related material will be given out in class as handouts as i have already done with the kakepuku activities.
if your parents have concerns, please have them contact me directly.

p.s. if you read this all the way through, tell me the secret password at school - "the blue blog is bluer than the red blog..."

p.p.s. i know that at least one of you is not being cybersafe...


primprim said...

im sure you can trust us mr woody!
well maybe some...

oh well!

Mr Woody said...

but not everyone else trusts us, or is trustworthy, PrimPrim. we must make sure we look after ourselves. We also need to satisfy parents and teachers that our blog is safe and purposeful.
now - what is it you don't understand about the magic staff thingy?
the basic outline is this:
get a cool piece of wood you like - maybe for a wand or maybe for a staff like a wizard would have. then think abotu what kind of magical powers you might liek to have on the newly formed Kakepuku island. Perhaps a wand that can start fires might be useful. then think about how to decorate your wand or staff to make it look like ity possesses the powers it is used for. for example, if you wanted to be able to control lightning, a lightning bolt symbol could be useful and perhaps some gold glitter.
if you are still confused we can discuss it at school.
also, it is not compulsory. that means you don't have to do it. it's a fun part of the assignment.

Kitty Kat said...

really is one of us not being cyber safe?????
i hope its not me!!!!
What were they doing wrong?
What do we get if we say the password at school ohh well cya

primprim said...

dont worry mr woody, you covered all i think i need to know in your comment!

Mr Woody said...

fear not kittykat and prim - you are doing very well - a parent informed me that someone was revealing too much personal information but it turned out not to be true. the important thing to remember though is that this is availablr on the net forever potentially so choose your words wisely. and make sure you know who you are chatting to. actually, it's not really chat - it's blogging - a way of sharing information and opinions.
for us it is a powerful way of sharing creative work, resources and opinions on each others work.

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

greetings fellow room5ians!!
i hope its not me that is not being cyber safe and i hope after reading all of your post they will think before they type!! -netiguette - basically "rules used on Internet" or you could act brainy and say "a set of empirically derived rules for communication via the Internet"
reference - Microsoft® Encarta® 2006.

bye for now fellow room5ians and FARWELL!!!

au revoir!!!!

Mr Woody said...

Room5ian gal - you are a super blogger! what a marvellous response - such a fitting reference - do you understand the meaning of what you wrote?

Anonymous said...
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garland said...

how do u make blogs?