Monday, March 05, 2007

things to remember

1. set up your blog so i can access it to give feedback on your work.
2. don't share personal information that could allow strangers to identify you. no photos of you, no address or numbers given out, etc.
3. know who you are dealing with.
4. use the blog for educational purposes - blogs are not like chat rooms - they are for expressing opinions, sharing resources, giving and receiving feedback, etc.
5. enjoy it sensibly and be creative


6. use word verification
7. use correct grammar, spelling and appropriate language - please use capitals for names
8. set up your blog to send you an email notification when someone comments on your blog. - you can even have comment moderation turned on so no one's post gets onto your blog without your permission.
9. SHOW YOUR PARENTS - they should be impressed by your skills and creativity
10. post useful links to information for others to use - we can work collaboratively
11. be positive - don't let the negative people get you down
12. remember books, dvds, librarians, teachers, family, friends, radio, podcasts and many more sources of information exist out there - the internet is not the only source and it is not always reliable.
13. bring flies for the frogs please


Skipper Bob said...

my parents don't mind me on the blog but they don't want me to make a blog

Mr Woody said...

okay skipper bob - fair enough 8>)

Mr Woody said...

but you will have to identify your self to me in class so i can allow you to comment here.

primprim said...

Don't worry Mr Woody i'll keep that in mind.
i'll try my best to stick to what you wrote on that post and what you say to us at school.
there is just one thing i dont understand...
do we have to use capitals in our comments and feedback etc.? because a while after we started this blog thing, you said to not use capitals in our comments. didn't you? it is a little bit confusing.
anyway i don't mean to offend anyone by not using a capital in their name.

Ezylryb said...

hi wats up

Catarara said...

hi mr woody iv'e made a blog its called !-Flinky Flonky-! its really cool so check it out!!

Anonymous said...

hi everyone its emma on my blog you can see my dog that ran into my sandpit
if you havn't seen it you should!!!!!!
thanks for now
diamond girl

Mr Woody said...

gotta go walk the dog, meet my team, water some garden, make dinner, do dishes....
see you at school tomorrow!

penguin8jessica said...

mr woody
the penguin was found in mt maunganui : )

chickenwing said...

do you get a lollie for each fly

Mr Woody said...

no way - you should be doing it because you care about the welfare fo the class pets and the bank balance of the teacher. not for sugar.