Tuesday, March 20, 2007

more pork please!

actually, if you are going to eat pork, think about how it's been farmed.

and on another front - check out this brilliant morepork shot by our Room5ian friend... who must remain anonymous... whats her blogger nickname?

Any morepork stories?


IM A ROOM5IAN said...

mr woddy! im shocked ! (hehe) you put our fellow room5ian in danger against all of our rules! lol. thanks for the feedback on my blog and il try and find a thesaurus. also, can you remind me of your email address at school so i can send that template to you thanks!!
ellinator!!! hehe

primprim said...

there is this gully behind our house. I didn't think that there would be moreporks there. but one day, when I was running around, i saw a morepork staring at me in the face. they have such big eyes! I watched for about 30 seconds without flinching. I turned to see the time on my watch and when i looked back, the morepork was gone! anyway please visit my other blog, The Ugly Duckling. I write my stories in it and i have just posted a kakepuku diary entry in it, so don't miss out!
instead of calling me by my name, i use pim instead. thats what some people at my old school call me.

Mr Woody said...

doh! you're right - i shall edit it now.....

Kitty Kat said...

sad did they shoot it wahhh thanks for the comments on my blog. I don't really have many Morepork but the name makes me laugh I alsways a imagain a moreporks saying..."Give me...More Pork"!