Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A nice letter from Orangey

Hello Mr. Woodcook,

My name is Orangie and I am a very well behaved, quiet, little to medium sized orange fish – commonly known as a gold fish (but my mother has always told me I am not common in any way).
I currently reside on the Westside of town in a humble but lovely home known as Newcastle heights with my Mum & Dad and brother Kola ( who I knows loves me but sometimes freaks me out by staring at me for long periods of time ). I really love my family, especially my Mum, who is sooooooooo pretty, funny and really intelligent, but sometimes I get a bit lonely in my little corner of the lounge with my one current which only goes around and around.
Mum said that you may know some friends that may want another flat mate. I’d sure like to live with other little to medium fish like me, so I can swim, frolic and shoot the breeze all day & sometimes all nite long. Mum also said that you would make a great guardian as not only are you great friends of my great parents but you also are a school teacher so are very reliable and trustworthy.

If you think you and your little to medium sized friends would like me to move in, my Mum say’s that my Dad could drop me off this week….

I promise I will be no trouble…. But Mum say’s I can’t pressure you, so please don’t feel like you have to adopt me... ( Geeze I think I will miss Mum & Dad but … )

Lots of love “ Orangie “ gup gup gup gup gup gup


deeknow said...

Thanks for looking after our little fellah Room 5, he really is no trouble. Mr Stringer (Orangeys Dad)

Neina-Marie said...

Dear Orangie,
I am Neina-Marie's cat, Bella. Please don't get scared when I say cat. I mean you no harm.
Now, from what Mum has told me, you live in her class, right? And you have axolotl's, correct? I can't spell that! Meaw.
I really wanna say, well, I'm so sorry you are lonely. And I can't give you anyone I want to give away to you, because my Mum says I would eat the poor devil. Huh! Don't think so! But I just want to say I am so sorry that you are all alone, and lots of new fish may come!
Bella (Meaw!)

Neina-Marie said...

(Neina-Marie speaking)
You egit, I TOLD you you are not allowed to talk on MY blogger! Honestly kitty! I want you to appologize to all thsoe people who ahev read your comment.
"Sorry all those people who read my comment!"
Didn't you read it silly cat. Orangie lives in WESTSIDE!
"Sorry! Boo hoo boo hoo!"
(Sorry people. She's crying. Orangie, say hi to your mum and Dad. Bella was right, I have no one to flat with you, but someone will bob up out of the deep blue sea!)

blue-headed girl said...

i would be happy to have you at my house i am ever so lonley and i am delightful company so do come and live with me

talk to me on http://blueheadedgirl.blogspot.com

ps dad said i can go on :P :D

and i wear a blue headband with white spots guess who???

Roo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mr woody said...

welcome aboard, newcomers. please don't play guess who i am or reveal each others identity. no real names for cybersafety reasons.
your welcome Mr Stringer and thanks for giving us a new fishy.
those of you offering to take him, he is moving into room5's aquarium.

gnome said...

you are a nice little fishy

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

aww, nice... cool random letter too, i like how you used it to explain orangie's life story and situation.

er, hello to all these new people, for those of you who dont know i am a 2007 room5ian.

emjay said...

Wow a whole new class of Room5ians!! How exciting. Best of luck for 2008 :)

kitty milo said...

hello everyone!~!~! the fish looks very cuit and orange. u obviously luv ur mum very much. very very much.
as a very welcoming room5ian i would love you 2 come into our class...
but i would still like the rats more.
from you know who?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.

mr woody said...

Hi MJ ! Welcome back. How are the studies going?

Room5ian - you are a star - don't let it slip. And as for the letter, it is really from Orangey's mum, Kymbo Peterson the Third. She's a very funny lady. Mr Stringer is her hubby who is also my friend. He is an ICT guru/webmaster/eLearning expert who may help us learn about ICT integration this year.

Neina-Marie said...

Is Orangie already in our safe and sound aquarium?

Roo said...

I wonder if orangie is going to nibble at the 2 axolotls gills, because fish usually like to nibble on axolotl.

Marshall said...

an interesting life you lead, the room 5ians will LOVE to have you!
PS wonder if i could join you

BaNaNas R YuMmI!!! (Im A Ro0m5iAn!!) said...

It is very gereat that we have a new pet in our class room!!
Orangey is soo cute.
Thank you very much.

rosiegal said...

It is very great that we have a new fish in our class room!! im sure all the fish, including the axolotl are very happy to have a new goldy friend to play with!