Thursday, February 28, 2008

HamiltON - is it?

Is it?

Use this post to add info for the planning of our HamiltON inquiry unit.

This unit of work will be ICT integrated, but how?

This project will be interactive - how?

We will have an authentic audience for feedback - who? how? Why is that important?

[Any interested parties please comment.]


mr woody said...

today we did several things in class to begin our inquiry project. please list them.
also, please post your KEY QUESTIONS from your group discussions.
Remember the Key questions will drive all your research. You will be trying to find an answer to your KEY Questions.
Once you have KEY Questions, you need to ask yourself what you need to know to answer your KEY Questions. This will generate more questions - these are called SUBSIDIARY QUESTIONS.
You will then have to come up with KEY SEARCH TERMS to help you find answers to your questions.


How many qeustions MR.WOODY?

fred said...

I think we should get some video cameras because we could get out and about to take photos and movies of the good things about hamiltON

mr woody said...

very good idea, Fred.
remember - this project is about what YOU think and learn. Not what i want you to think and learn.
i hope you will all think outside the square, put your own spin on things and have fun learning using ICTs.
How will you do it?
Think about what Hamilton means to will be different to what it measn to me.

mr woody said...

do you like my photos?
are they Hamilton icons? what are "icons"?
how could you do a project using still images?
do you like art? how could you use art to present your findings?
do you wan to be a film director? how could you use film?
do you want to be a writer? how could you use writing?
do you love architecture? how could you incorporate that into your project?
would you prefer to work in pairs or alone?

rosiegal said...

Hey is anyone still there??? If you want to see my answer it is on my blog. It is a bit to big to fit on your comment list. I got all my info from hamiltON city council web and edited it on word! hope you enjoy!!! =o)

Marshall said...

i think the authentic audience will probably be the people of Hamilton City Council who is in charge of improving Hamilton city and make it a better place.
a hard question. maybe they will search on how to improve HamiltON and find a way here?
the audience will be important, because i think the authentic audience will probably take our advice, while the other audiences think that HamiltON isn't a bad place after all!

kitty milo said...

hi, i think pda phones would be really good because we could take them with us to field trips, they are portable and light so we could carry them, they are just like a mini computer but with many more features i.e, microsoft word, excell,camera, recording camera etc. we could take a picture of something and then at school write info about it or we could record someone saying somthing that we couldnt all remember. thats why i think we should have pda phones. oh and i also looked up pda phones on the internet and this is the website
it has lots of information about pda phones plus all other electronic devices. and cool pictures of the electronics.


What about Hamilton gardens because they have millions of events! You know in Boston they had an ugly highway and they replaced it with an under ground tunnel and beautiful gardens!
The nearby residents said it had never been brighter and it redused unhealthy gas by 12% or 1.2%!

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

wOW! That's a new look Mr Woody!

I think Hamilton is in a good spot, We are kind of smack-bang in the middle so we have really good acess to other places and cities with out it taking too long to get there.

other things i am proud of hamilton is that we are part of the Waikato, and the Chiefs and Magic are just a couple of fantastic role-models and representatives of us.
The Waikato river goes straight through Hamilton too. There are lots of different aspects youn could focus on; Sport, role-models, icons, the geographical features...

I'm sorry if some of my comments dont really relate, i dont really know whats happening but i can assume because of last year.

mr woody said...

thanks room5ian. lovely to hear your point of view as always.
well done jack - nice snippet about the highway.
good work kittymilo. thanks for the link.
nice thinking marshall.

Neina-Marie said...

My insparational idea is that we make it into a movie, doc, or something like that. It would have real fliming and people asking others my key question! Yay! I feel so full of myself!

Kitty Kat said...

are you doing your inquiry this year on hamilton???? a bit like our kirikiriroa project

Roo said...

we can use pda's which are itc's
It could be interacted by going out and asking people about things

mr woody said...

This link is to the Waikato Museum education programme.
Do you think a trip to the River education session would be useful for our project on Hamiltron? WHy?/WHy not?

mr woody said...

Hi kids - be proud of Hamiltron - it's your home town!
Here is a link to a document from council about promoting a positve Hamilton:

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

iinquiry projects are fun! In our class we are doing an iquiry project indiviually on sporting role models. My three are Tana Umaga, Mills Muliaina, and Temepara George.

mudpies02 said...

I don't really know what to do for the project...
I enjoyed it that talk from Desmaree* though.

*Is that how you spell it??????

Snow Girl said...

Me to, i am stuck on what to do???
But Mr Woody told me not to worry, he told me only to worry when he tells us to!!!
I really enjoyed the talk from Desaree today to!!!

rosiegal said...

The talk was really interesting, and I know more a bout hamilton now! The Expo thing at the meteor sounds really good, and I really want to be a part of it!!!


Do you know what the statue was build for?

mr woody said...

The statue is of Riff Raff - a character from the Rocky Horror picture show which is world famous and was written by the guy who played riffraff and is from Hamiltron.
do you know his name???

the talk was great, but your ideas were even better. Desiree was so impressed she has included us in the HCC Creative and Innovative Strategic plan so we are part of th expo being held next Saturday at the Meteor theatre.

I will need committed bloggers and mLearners who have mobile phones with pxt sending ability to go on a field trip during the expo and txt images directly to our blog whilst it is being showcased at the expo. I will give you a code to send images to and they will show up on our blog as you travel around th egreat city of Hamilton, proving why it is so cool.

Who is keen?

Snow Girl said...

Sure, i will be keen

rosiegal said...

We are here, at the expo! Right now me, Claudia and Leina are checking out some interesting stuff to show our hamiltonians!