Sunday, February 03, 2008

digital story telling

as a means of self expression, summarising, presenting outcomes, evaluation, reflection, etc, digital story telling* is a potentially powerful tool for learning and one that teaches technical and thinking skills, covers many key competencies and engages 21st century learners...

"Children see things in very unique ways. Capture that special view by allowing them to tell the story. Give them the chance to use photographs, videos, and audio recordings to create projects that will combine art and history, as well as reinforce reading, language arts, and research and technology skills."
- Christine Paradise, a 3rd grade teacher at Steed Elementary school

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* digital story telling uses digital cameras, still images, sound recording, narration, basic editing to make a concise anecdotal summary of an experience.


Neina-Marie said...

I think, Mr Woody, we should do that sort of story on powerpoint. We can record our voice over Stories we have written which can be on slides. They can even have pictures.
We could also make a movie, a real one, where yu shoot all the little itty-bitty bits and do all the ones that are in one spot. That is what I call CREATIVE.

EGL said...

WOW I am impressed!
One of these links lead to an online tool allowing you to record a group conversation (voice and text). This would be a fantastic way to discuss/debate a complex topic and record multiple considerations for the next learning step!!!


mr woody said...

woW! that sounds useful and cool. Thanks for the advice Annick - great to hear from you.
Maybe you could set your blog up so we could comment on it.

EGL said...

One project I worked on last year with the Royal Society of New Zealand used technology to facilitate learning from and sharing leaders' experience: it is at

I'd love comments on it - target audience were businesspeople and tertiary students.

The reason why I like the tool is that it allows multiple input into one learning target - not one output only as in the leaders project I mention.

Neina-Marie said...

I liked what I saw, Mr Woody. We could record all sorts of things! Even our books we will write (am I so freakish with excitement!)

egl said...

Neina-marie - why don't you make a little experiment and try the tool at ? Then if you post on the blog we could all comment?! I will also come to your class and talk with Mr. Woody about this!

I wonder what story you will write about...