Monday, February 25, 2008

Who wants to be the teacher!?!?!

Not all things can be learnt from one person.
Who would like to teach the class specific skills?
The first task would be to teach Room 5 how to set up a blogger account in our ICT time.
The "teacher" would need to have the skills to do it, explain it, state learning intentions and the steps to follow.

Task two would be to explain and teach how to email photos, video footage or text directly to our personal blogs from a mobile phone or computer.
This skill would enable us to gather and send data whilst on a fieldtrip, while it's still fresh in our minds. There are other benefits I can imagine. Can anyone think of any to share?

Other teaching tasks will be posted in future. Let's see who the best teachers are!


IM A ROOM5IAN said...

When on holidays, trips, when in an environment where there is no access to paticular technology...

Just adding to the idea of teaching yourself (with a little help and guidence) i think it is taking responibility and giving you skills for the future where you may not have any help whatsoever.

Kitty Kat said...

I sure do wanna be a teacher. You have the coolest job Mr Woody! Your class is SO lucky to beable to do all this ICT stuff! Teacher yourself is fun. It shows you you already have the knowledge you just have to find it.

Marshall said...

ICT! we didn't have that in primary school! C-O-O-L!

Marz Barz said...

I would be an awesome teacher!

rosiegal said...

This is a great idea and hopefully someone can do them and help room5ians to all have blogs! I can show people how to get a blogger account:
Go onto Google and type "Room5ian" into the search bar.
Click on first link and it will take you to kittycats blog.
In the top Right corner of the website it says: "Create blog" or "sign in". Click on create blog and fill in your details!

From there its pretty straight forward! =o)

Neina-Marie said...

I reckon I could be the BEST teacher at this is because -
I can set up a blogger account, I know the URL's and steps, and have the SKILL and I know how this could be used as a learning intention.
I can also email things to my blogs, and images, and I think I could TXT stuff to my blog too.
Also, I have faffed around with mine, and have lots of cool things to share with the guys who are knuckle-heads at this stuff.
I am not trying to be teachers kitten (Pet). He already has one, named Lionel.

mr woody said...

tomorrow you get to prove your worth - if you have a lesson plan!
i will present the class with a high ranking senior official super guest star to teach how to sign up. you kids can't sign up until you have written permission. [apart from you wicked children who have done so already!]
tomorrow we all learn how to create a blog! if our 'teachers' have a plan signed off by me.
now i'm going to eat curry. good bye

Roo said...

I could do some fun lessons on maths.

Roo said...

Neina Marie, you would be a very good writing teacher

Snow Girl said...

I agree with roo she would be.
Do we have to do a lesson on the blog or can we teach them something else like sport or something like that???

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

rosiegal, you can see the "create blog" sign in the corner of any blog, or you can just go to

it will be great to get some more people on the blog! i hope this year we can have more people who are regular contributers than last year :)

Ford Boi said...

Hi mr Woody. (i'm Frank by the way).
I think that would be an awesome idea and it could work really well.

It's just a pity mr Jones isn't like you! He He!


Ford Boi said...

It would also be really cool if we had a this years, and laast years room5ian party some day so that we could all meet each other.

P.S. i wanna b in mr woody's class again cos' mr Jones is really strict! u guys have the best teacher eva!

Miss Candy said...

hi guys!!! man i havn't been on here for ages!!! yes we should have a party with playstation and singstar! has mr woody told you about the drop bear...or whatever it was called!

Marshall said...

i wanna apply for the ultamate chemistry & physics teacher

mudpies02 said...

I taught myself FINALLY how to get a blog that works! Yay!

kitty milo said...

hi, i would lovvveee to be a teacher more often, i have already taught a lesson of maori with my trusty friend v. i love planning the lessons and it is great when some people understand what your actually talking about and have learnt something.