Thursday, July 27, 2006

Eat The World!

Why shouldn't the Japanese or the Norwegians eat whales? What about the Chinese nibbling on pandas? How about roasting sumatran tigers? Is it okay to torture pigs in captivity then murder them horribly just because we like the taste?
Under what circumstances should there be bans on killing and eating certain animals? Please be clear about your reason and try to justify your argument. Post links to websites that back up your position.

Think of this as a debate.


【※ 『§mr. brainy§』 ※】 said...

No way!!! It is cruel to kill animals like whales, cuz they are nearly extinct. Who cares about their meat!!! Whales do nothing to humans, but humans kill them. Ban it!

Mr Woody said...

brainy - your logic is completely flawed - are you arguing they shouldn't be killed because of cruelty or because of their rarity? which reason?
Keep trying!

【※ 『§mr. brainy§』 ※】 said...


ps who has to do extra training cuz they walked in the cross country?

Jess said...

Hey Mr Woody I dont think Whales should be killed to eat because they are both endangered and and it's cruel the way they kill them !here are some articles on Whaling...
Animals International Magazine issue 72 Article "Whale Protection kept in place, for now" and article "Whalers caught on camera"

Pet New Zealand Magazine issue 35 Article "A whale's worth" I'm really interested in things like this!
I'm a WSPA fundraiser and I have a couple of posters of Whaling I could bring into to school! I'll bring the articles and poster in tomorrow if yuo want!

Mr Woody said...

mr brainy - keep to the topic and read jess's post - she has written an excellent opinion backed up with some resources.
well done jess!

laffydaffy said...

Well, i think that Japan (not all of them) is sad killing and EATING (yucky) whales just for luxiourus food and cover it by saying it for another reason. Just think about it, just pretend some cannibals thinges came and ate us for fun and wiped us. They are animals just like us and need to be respected just like us. I got a website you can check out,, you can get heaps of info other than whaling, there is a mention of a blog.

I think it's kinda and not really ok of we kill animals for meat. We only kill things that we need, not kill 500 sheep and about 200 are left to rot. If we think about it, Greenpeace wouldn't have to protest as much.


p.s. my computers up and running

Ernesty said...

Pandas? Did they eat pandas? They can't eat pandas! There 2 cute! They're so cute and cuddly!

By the way Mr Woody I don't think the chinese people would eat pandas, cause there like... a national thing. (Like New zealanders have kiwis!)
Maybe its the evil people!

I reckon that eating animals is ok:
1)so long as they don't get killed horribly and slow, but fast and painless.
2)so long as if you don't eat nearly extinced animals.

Jess said...

Did you know that now you can get free range Bacon! It''s real expensive just like free range eggs but I did get my Mum and Dad to buy some once!

Mythril Saber said...

I think that you should not kill endangerd spicies because then we would not have those animals and it would effect the eco-system.

ash said...

i think its alright to eat animals because we have to eat meat or we will not have enough protein in uss and we might get sick. although some of the rules should be changed like dont torcher the animals before you kill them and ban killing endanger speices other wize there will be none left for the future genoration!!!!

Mr Woody said...

very interesting opinions, you guys. well done.
ast happens, ernesto - people do eat kiwis in this country - it is a myth that all new zealanders are conservationsists - in northland some local iwi still believe it is okay to eat anything they can catch. i have this info on the authority of a DoC friend of mine who experienced first hand a local maori gentleman saying he had killed and eaten kiwi. other local iwi would dispagree for sure. other threats to kiwi come from ignorant people letting their dogs run loose - uncontrolled dogs have been responsible for killing large numbers of kiwi in short periods of time. other people let their dogs run down beaches where rare dotterels breed. the result is obvious. the list goes on - i am impressed by your awareness that biodiversity is important.
do you know what i mean?

Donkeyla (Aly-Blobber) said...

It is mean and nasty to kill any animals and endangerd species is NOT i repeat NOT a good idea...
I found a small website about whales and this is the link

Animals Dont always eat Humans and we dont eat humans so why the poor poor whales???

Sig said...

I haven't found any resources yet but I would like to write about my opinion anyway. I hope it's ok with you Mr Woodles. Ash - I know of a vegetable that will provide you with protein........... SPINACH!!!! ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Anyway, I don't like eating animals but I do anyway. I probably do because I know that I need it for my health, but still. Paradise - You say that pandas are cute and cuddly and that's why they shouldn't eat them, but I think that pigs are really cool! And also that tigers look really, really interesting (could i research them, Mr Woodles?) and I really like whales. I think it's facinating that they are still here on Earth! I mean, they're the biggest living creature EVER to live on Earth!


P.S. sorry if any of this was off topis Mr Woodles!

P.P.S. I saw on Discovery Channel (an add) that some of the Japenese eat shark fin soup, and that's just as bad! Even though I think sharks are scary, POOR SHARKS!!!

Jess said...

I llllloooooovvvvvvveeeeeee sharks!!!!!!!!!!!! I have ever since i was tiny! I would love to be able to swim with them !! It would be scary though!!
Once we were at a fish and chip shop and we ordered some fish and took it home and when me and my Dad ate Dad said it tasted like Shark, so it probably was shark!!!!!!

Mr Woody said...

sharks are cool - there a lots around the beaches we swim on but they are harmless and keep to themselves. i have seen one whilst scuba diving - it wasn't scary at all.
shark fin soup fishermen are very cruel adn wasteful - they drag th esharks onbaord their boats, cut their pectoral fins off whislt they are alive then chuck thme back in to drown sl0wly - they drown because they can't swim properly - ask maggie about how gills work. anyway, it is cruel AND stupidly wasteful and disrespectful of life - i think its different if you are respectful and go things well.

actually, respect is a very important thing.

* AnnA * said...

Its scary how people can just eat whales and not really care bout if they make them extinct! But then again I guess in some places they don't have as many pigs/cows/sheep or whatever as we do!

Mr Woody said...

different cultures, in different times and places hold divergent opinions about issues surrounding the treatment of animals, animal rights, issues of extinction, understanding of biodiversity, interconnectedness, the environment, etc.
it';s not that long ago that anything alive in NZ would have been shot and eaten - or worse, wasted.
the same issues extend to all living things and the environment -why do you think we only have about 10% left of our original native tree cover, our hills are eroding and we have more possums and rats than native birds?
people are still pretty primitive, stupid creatures, i reckon.

laffydaffy said...

I think that we only that 10% of tree left is because we use it because of land and for wood etc, etc...


p.s. mr. Woody are you actually going to use your space because you haven't lefta comment there.

p.p.s. Spanish!Spanish!Spanish!

teacher14 said...

I remember a few years ago a lot of controversy when America wanted to serve Kiwi to its diners. It makes you think about what you eat doesn't it!

Mr Woody said...

laffy - you got some spanish today - more tomorrow - i promise!
we cut down all our trees to send to britain for masts on sailing ships and to clear for farming and for building.

tchr14 - very interesting comment -i would have been outraged! isn't interesting how your perspective can change an issue so drastically?