Thursday, July 06, 2006

interesting question...

hey kids - what is the cost of water....?

think about it and discuss it with your parents before you answer.
i'm interested to see who has deeper answers than may be apparent.

[clue: what do i really mean by 'cost'? Please note I didn't say 'price'...]



Mr Woody said...

second clue: i said 'answerS'.... not 'answer'

Mr Woody said...

more informed opinion from the friendly spy:

"I suspect the arguments are moot anyway. While we might be able to afford a nuclear station, the costs of transporting, processing and storing the waste would be prohibitive. Most countries that rely on nuclear power (France in particular gets 80% of its power from nuclear plants, I think) have major infrastructure investments in nuclear waste processing systems. We'd not be able to afford that sort of malarkey.

I think we're much more likely to be relying on a combination of new oil deposits in the Southern Ocean (not good for the emissions, but good for the balance of payments deficit) and renewable sources such as wind, passive solar and eventually tidal."
- anon
[identity not revealed due to sensitivity of being a spy]

Ernesty said...

The price of water is...

1) Money (Oviously)
2) Enviro issues - Water Pipes and Water Plants (?) need to be made, and you need to destroy mother natures earth! By digging! You will get rid of Earthworms, trees and grass and stuff!
3) Germs - Sometimes the water is filthy! Do not drink! (I have warened you, I will not take any responsibility if anyone shall die, you have been warned...

Hope that helped!

The Paradise Man

Mr Woody said...

paradise man - money for what? we don't pay for our tap water - or do we???
environmental costs - yes - what are the toxic influences on our water supply - i.e. the Waikato river.

Cheeky Chicken said...

lives?- some humans/animals wuld kill for water no matter who it belonged to

p.s. how did u start talking about nuclear power

hasta manana


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