Saturday, July 15, 2006

Scientific photography

For the photography topic, I think it is a reeeeaallly tricky topic - photographing sound has got to be tricky. How will you portray the feeling that sound is being made, rather than just photographing a particular scene? It is very challenging and I can't wait to see successful entries.
Some clues to help your project more detailed:

1. Record the conditions of light that exist when you take your photos
2. Record any camera settings you make or change, as well as the make, model and details of the camera you used.
3. Describe any decisions you made regarding the way you framed or composed your photos. For example, if you felt you needed to use portrait or landscape. Whether or not you needed to change your position to include or exclude certain details from a photo.
4. The general ideas you tried to develop and achieve relating to the topic - the difficulties you experienced and how you overcame them.
5. State what you like about the images you selected for inclusion.

SO, be thoughtful about your photography. Enjoy it. Be creative. Be conscious of what you are doing. Think about how you would explain it to someone else and be prepared to state what is successful about it.

Have fun!


Jess said...

I'm doing photography!!!!!!!!!!

Sig said...

I'm not doing photography but I'm keen on it!

Cheeky Chicken said...

mr woody its not that hard just think "where does sound come from?"

hasta la vista


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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laffydaffy said...

I wanted to do photography but i didn't have time to