Sunday, July 16, 2006

Term Three Word Study Guidelines

In Term Three you will be working hard on word study.
You will learn to spell the top one hundred most frequently misspelled words.

They are available here with explanations....

Monday - choose any words from the first ten words from this list that you can't already spell. Add extra words to your list from corrections in your written work, or from the interesting words list on the board. You should have fifteen words altogether.
Learn them at home Monday night.

Tuesday - in class during word study time, write out the words neatly in your word study book. Use them in sentences that show you understand their meaning. Highlight each list word in their sentences. Ask a neighbour to check that your sentence does this.
For homework, construct a wordfind [or crossword if you are feeling diligent] in your word study book. Bring it to school on Wednesday to share with a partner.

Wednesday - share your wordfinds [or crosswords] at school during wordstudy time. For homework, learn the words again. Use a method that suits you.

Thursday - Learn them at home, including the meanings. Discuss the meanings with your parents. Be tested by your parents. Have them sign your notebook.

Friday - testing day - Notebooks will be checked by me for signatures. Complete partner testing straight after assembly. Record your results in a grid at the back of your spelling notebook. This will be used to show your progress to parents during parent interviews.

Be proud of your ability to spell difficult words AND know what they mean.
Using vocabulary well is a way to demonstrate your intelligence to others. More importantly, language is precise and it becomes fun to use interesting words appropriately.

Ask MR Stevens or Mrs Brown how they feel about using interesting language.


【※ 『§mr. brainy§』 ※】 said...

Wow thats great! :)

Mr Woody said...

thankyou , mr brainy - what is great about it? feedback needs to be specific so the recipient knows why you think something is great.
thanks for your postivity. you have been posting frequently, which i appreciate. now try to make your posts even more meaningful by including more details about your opinions.
tell me why 'it' is "great".

Howdy! said...

Hey mr Woody!

Yes, I agree, that shows that we WILL be working hard on word study!

Also, I think that will be aloot of fun, especially creating a wordfind (or crossword)!

Keep up the good work,


Howdy! said...

I mean ALOT of fun- Woopsies!

Sig said...

I've never been that keen on spelling but I'll think of ways to make it fun. I like to try things out.

laffydaffy said...

Word Study is cool, extends you vocab. and the wordfinds is fun. by the way mia, its A LOT

Mr Woody said...

laffy, whilst you mocked mIa for her lingo, you made two errors yourself - get off your high horse.
or proof read

great to see you posting enthusiastically

laffydaffy said...

Whoops, bad me, never was good at lingo, and sorry mia.

I think that this term's word study is more structred(i know that there is something wrong) and organised and i like it.