Friday, July 28, 2006


we need to plan a topic together for the second half of the term. if you could study anything, what would it be? please don't say broad things like "space" or "history". try to be specific - find an issue that you are reeeEEAALLy interested in.
look for issues, problems, things that get you excited or angry or make you want to do something to make a change.
I hope you can understand what i mean and take up this opportunity for involvement in your own planning.

good luck!


laffydaffy said...

Well, you said before that we'll do a mini project about greenhouse effects.

We could have a class meeting and talk about our school promblems and come up with a solution.

We really should do a topic or issue thats in our school or community because we can't do something like save the whales.

It would be cool if we did something to do with the council.


p.s. you spelt three wrong.

p.p.s. Yesterday we welcomed the saitama students and their language is really cool, i might find lessons where you can japanese.

Donkeyla (Aly-Blobber) said...

Yes laffy i think the same as you about the class meeting, because the people who dont go on blogger often enough can keep up with what we are talking about, then they can put there ideas in as well.

I am also sick and tired of people saying " oh we should do somthing on Hiltler, oh wait that means we should do history "
I think we should do somthing on the German holocrost is that what it is or to put it in an easer way to say it " Why Hitler killed all the Jews ? What he thought, And what he did to them.
We could watch the Anne Frank movie to help us and we could all do our own projects on that, or on somone of that time, or someone who helped Hitler, and how Hitler made the Germans agree to him and worship him...

Does that make the topic of History more interesting ( plus the idea of Hitler was just an exapple, we could do Martin Luther- King, Mother Teressa or some other person who changed the world with there kindness or Nastyness) (sorry for any miss-spelled words)

Mr Woody said...

well, donkeyla, we could do the jamie mckenzie bio maker project where we pick our own famous person from history and study them - the difference is we have really interesting questions about the person to make it require deeper research and unerstanding to answer the questions. you would enjoy it i think.

Mr Woody said...

for your spelling list:


Mr Woody said...

wonderful ideas, laffy 8>)

laffydaffy said...

Well, i don't like doing anything with history, history is history and it's the past.

laffydaffy said...

I think we should do something about the enviroment, promblems, solutions (something better than picking up rubbish for the whole lunchtime and interval), thinking, involved with our school and community.


!~*ZuZu*~! said...

We should think up a topic for ourselves and have a goal for the end of it!! Like to find out the answer to a specific question or make a difference!! Thats what I would like to do I think!?!

Howdy! said...

Hi UNcle,

One of the things I would like to do a study on but haven't studied in one of my classes yet is dogs.

Cats get all the attention, what with being put down and mistreated, but dogs never get that, even when they are treated badly.
So you're probably thinking...Ok, but that isn't really true because dogs make the news all the time!

But even though those stories ARE on there, you never really get to hear about what people then do to help them.

Just as a small study, I think that everyone should choose a breed of dogs, then study how they affect us, how they are treated and other interesting things.

Just gathering ideas,

Aim, your fabulous niece

Mr Woody said...

aim - you are fabulous - i think we need to diversify our attention a bit though. you could do it as your personal friday arvo project...
laffy - doesn't it strike you as odd that so many kids drop so much litter and create a problem that doesn't need to exist? i have never been a litterer and i don't understand why people do it.
zuzu - you are on the right track.

Sig said...

I would like to study the ancient egyptians! I find them reeeEEAALLy interesting. I think they're interesting because they built the pyramids and tombs, made mummies! (pretty greusome!) and soooo much more! That's why I'm interested in them. Maybe we could learn more about them.

P.S. I have just put photos of my SIX cats on my Sog's World!!! blog. It would be nice if you could go and see them!

laffydaffy said...

I think some of us kids are lazy and no body will do nothing about about because they hate rubbish.

It dosen't have to be about the enviro ment, just a promblem that you like to fix around the school.

I'm RRREEEAALLY interested in the ancient egyptians and pored over books about them. I might do my personal study on that.

Or we could have a interesting open fat question and extend our questioning skills. I like zuzu's idea because you chose your own topic so it isn't boring.


p.s. what does the mp4 looks like? I'm going to check out some podcasts and check out what makes a good podcast

Mr Woody said...

How about an ancient civilisation study driven by really good questions, using the inquiry model and with people choosing their own civilisation from a small range of choices?
my granddad is an expert on egypt -we could film him - he's 90!
we could podcast our selves with interview questions, send it to him , then i could help him podcast his answers back....
he is also an expert on WW2, the history of Auckland and the printing trade.
He's great!

laffydaffy said...

From our personal projects, each eposiod you (Mr.Woody) should choose one and present it on a podcast.

History.... We should choose a thing we are interested e.g. books and your prokect should be the different types of text/books there were avalilable or choose the most famous authors from different times of era in history.


Mr Woody said...

great thinking laffy - well done - i will visit your site soon.