Thursday, July 06, 2006

holiday design task

Over the hols you might like to collect images, drawing, photos, make sketches, etc of things you like or relate to. It could be World Cup football images, cute animals, outdoor scenes, Hamiltron icons - anything you like. When you come to school in Term Three you will be making pencil sketches of these items and developing them into patterns or designs suitable for printing onto paper or fabric. After that you will look at clothing and work out how to make a patterm for an item of clothing. You will eventually construct a model of a clothing item and use your design on it.
We will have a mini model fashion show to showcase your designs and judge winners. Winners will be sent to Milan to extend their talents... [not]
Sound good?


【※ 『§mr. brainy§』 ※】 said...

Yeah man! I mean yes sir!

Howdy! said...

Sure that sounds great!
I have a picture of me on my blog.
Well, an avatar version of me anyway.
(Look at my blog for details!)

I'm not sure that all of the boys would be into designing, but I know alot of the girls would.

But, we won't be able to take photos and sketches of great things around Hamiltron if this weather carries on!



Urxan said...

Sounds good Uncle Woodles!


Mr Woody said...

when i tried it i drew a monarch caterpillar, then adapted its stripey bod into a design, then made a t-shirt pattern, then cut out the fabric, then decided it was too 'busy' and modified the pattern into something more pleasing to the eye.
the point is, get started and let your ideas take you on a journey to a finished product.

Sig said...

I think that's a great idea and that it's a good way to get people to use their creative side! I'm looking forward to it Mr Woodles!

laffydaffy said...

that sounds cool, i can't wait.

Cheeky Chicken said...

hola uncle woodles
sounds awesome!
i love designing clothes and you found a way to make it schoolwork 8-)
hopefully i can dig up some kewl images and find something to sketch.
also i think it will be great for the boys to give it a go and see what they come up with.

p.s. soz i havnt been postin in da hols :(

hasta manana


Anonymous said...

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