Monday, July 10, 2006

Read this!

Dear students, your beloved teacher - me - is going away for a few days with his beloved wife.

While I'm away, enjoy yourselves, collect resources as proscribed onprevious posts, use the blog to answer questions i've posted here and help each other with science fair. If you can't understand what I'm saying get your parents to interpret.
I will give you time in class to do it in week one, but you must have most of the work actually done. I recommend you bring your nearly completed work to school on monday so we can look it over, put it together and make any changes or additions that need doing.

DO NOT TRY to StaRt on MoNDAY!
USe the internet and your parents for advice.

I will check the blog on Friday.

GOod luCK, take care, have fun and be clever.

READ my instructions and clues.

[you have until tomorrow morning to ask questions....]


【※ 『§mr. brainy§』 ※】 said...

hi! (i think you r gone) Anyway if you are here - do u think doing a wall chart on 'eyes' is a good idea???

!~*ZuZu*~! said...

hi mr. woody, should i start my science fair or not?? Cause you said that i should do it in class but if you're not going to be there?!

P.s i just got back from HAWAII ..!

blondebob said...
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blondebob said...

mr woody i was just wondering, when do we have to have our science fair project in by?

Sig said...

I think you've already left but I didn't have a question anyway. I've developed all of my photo's and planned where to put them and stuff I just need to stick!

Mr Woody said...

brainy - yes

zuzu - whatever - i am sick of answering this question. i will be at school next week just like you.

blondebob - can't you read?
science fair has to be at school, ready to finish off with my advice to help you, 1st week of school.

infact, how often do any of you read carefully what i've posted...???
beatings all round on monday!!!

soG - well done - let's discuss it at school so you make it as perfect as you can.

【※ 『§mr. brainy§』 ※】 said...


Mr Woody said...

nice to 'hear' your laughter, brainy. it cheered me up.

Sig said...

I decided to just keep it for fun. I didn't try my hardest so I'd feel stink if I used those photos. And I don't like feeling stink!

Anonymous said...

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