Friday, July 28, 2006


is RESPECT the most important thing there is?

respect for:

your family
your parents
your friends
your elders
your coaches
your teachers
your pets
the environment

what do you think? ask your family and friends about respect and post a comment on what you discussed. what is it? how do you earn it? how do you act respectfully? why is it important?


laffydaffy said...

I think respect is important but is not the most important thing in the world, in different situations there are different things that are important like i wouldn't show respect to you for stranding us on a island, but on a daily basis heaps of things would be on the my #1 list. Do you think I show you a lot of respect?


p.s. alas mr Woody you didn't get a chance to check our spelling or Maths Mate, hahahahahahaha, but I always check the meanings.

Ernesty said...

I rekon Respect IS the most importing thing in the world, my dad says love but u have 2 respect them first to love them! Some say money is the most important. But if you don't show any respect to your boss you'll b fired in no time!

Mr Woody said...

well said, ernesto - you explain your opinion well.

laffydaffy said...

Respect is important thing, but to different people e.g. some people think money is important.