Wednesday, July 05, 2006

blog tricks

hey you lot - it's time for you to start sorting your blogs out to a more professional standard. check out the settings in the dashboard.

make sure your time is on NZ time.

set it up so if someone posts to your blog it is emailed to you - this will mean you always see comments when they're added and you won't have to search for them. as your blog gets bigger it will become harder to keep track of everything unless you do this.

any other practical ideas for improving your blogs, please share them here for others to read.

you are doing really well! 8>)


Howdy! said...

Hi mr Woody,

I have done this and my blog is very easy to manange now.

Although, I chose NOT to add the word verification, as I would find it a pain.

I have also posted some questions that I would like answered in the part of my blog for you.

Thank you,


Howdy! said...

If your writing is great, but you have a boring template, pick a bright and energetic one and make your blog stand out from the rest!


Mr Woody said...

howdy - you're a star!

Sig said...

If you've got really great writing and a bright, energetic template, but your still not getting much of a responce. Try getting pictures that relate to your writing and putting them in with your, well, writing!


Howdy! said...

Great idea sog!

If we all followed your lead, tbhe world would be a much better place.

bobmarley said...

I have done these things you asked mr woody and this is my new picture
i tried to relate it to something to do with school (well ithink ive made it so i get emailed)

teacher14 said...

Hey Room 9, I am very impressed with the quality of your class blog. I hope that you will share some of your blog knowledge with us!!!

Mr Woody said...

greta to hear from you miss prew - my kids will help you - some of them are nearly experts!