Tuesday, October 17, 2006

How do I know if a website is right for my topic?

Things to consider when evaluating a website:

Content - Is the subject content relevant and appropriate to my learning needs? Can I answer some or all of my key questions using the site.

Coverage - What is the scope of this resource? Does it cover all aspects of the topic, with valid and appropriate examples?

Accuracy - Are the information and the presentation accurate, or could they be misleading?

Authority - Is it clear who is responsible for the resource, and all that is in it? Is this author an expert on this subject? Are links to other Web sites acknowledged?

Objectivity - Is the information well balanced or can I detect some prejudice or bias? Can i detect any PERSUASIVE LANGUAGE?

Up to Date? - Is the date of publication or update available and acceptable?

Presentation - Is the resource appealing? Is it clearly and logically presented? (And for online use, there are many more considerations, eg. Is the information accessible and the site easy to navigate? Is it full of advertising or other distractions?)

Usability - Will this be useful for my study? How can I use it?


Sig said...

Thanks Mr Woody! Those are some really good tips! I'll be able to get heaps more info on my projects now. Thanks!


Mr Woody said...

pleased to be of service