Sunday, October 08, 2006

the web of life

Is NZ really 'green'? Is the planet doomed? Can we make a difference?
do we understand the interconnectivity of life and the impact we do or can make on our environment?
Are cats cute pets or vicious killers and a blight on our environment?
Are mice and rats cute pets or destructive pests?
Is a stoat a charming pet or a potential menace?
If you have a pet rat, mouse, stoat, weasel, possum, or ferret, bring it to school if you think it will not be stressed.
if you have little native plants you could bring, bring them.
Any resources - books, pamphlets, posters, websites, videos, dvds, etc, relating to NZ environment, conservation, plant or animal or bird indentification, etc, bring them. Animal traps could be useful.

If you haven't finished your assignments, you can do them at lunchtime and after school this week.

Remember - be positive 8>)


Jess said...

Hey Mr Woody!!!! Interesting post!!!!! one that im really interested in!!!!!
I dont think NZ is green but we are just called that becasue we are greeener than other countries but if you think about it the are far more countries greener than NZ its just their not reconized as a clean green countrie!!!!!!! And yes, i do think wild mice rats stoats weasels and co are pests but only the wild ones if you bought your mice from a pet store their not pest!!!!!!!!! I used to have 2 pet mice but then Belle died of a tumor and Paris died of old age!!!! After Belle was put down you could see that paris was lonely!!!!! I was holding paris's cage when he died!!!!!!!!!!!!

laffydaffy said...

I think NZ is reasonably okay, we are not green, green country and we are not over run with litter either. Other people get a impression we are green because we are a small country and not that developed. I think wild rats, stoats and weasels are pests, but rats and mice you buy from the shop are innocent poor things.

I thinkm our topic is cool, if we live in a bad enviroment, how can we live?

Mr Woody said...

good comments, ladies. you are right - we need to understand and care for our environment, even if it is only because we want to survive ourselves.
i personally believe our natural world is worth saving for it's own value.
everyone is different though.

* AnnA * said...

N.Z isn't that green. But most places are worse!!!

laffydaffy said...

poor countries are green as in my opinion because they don't litter that much and are not developed as us.

Mr Woody said...

goo dpoint - i think we need to work on what being 'green' actually means.
interviews of experts would be useful.
bring it up in class.

ryan said...

The Planet isn't doomed, however it is in big trouble. but there is still hope and progress being made. Here's a site that focuses on the positive:

Good questions though Mr Woody, I wish I was in your class.