Monday, October 02, 2006

for the Magster [and other budding artistes]

picasso fun made easy

p.s. make sure you are doing work on your personal projects....


* AnnA * said...

hey. as this is about art i just have to ask, when is our art project due? and what do you have to do to finish it??? help me!

Mr Woody said...

don't stress - but everything is due on monday - beatings for all non-finishers! woohoohoohoooaaaaaah!!


* AnnA * said...

that doesn't help. what do you do at the end. you know, after the big drawings???

Mr Woody said...

okay then AH - maybe you should have used the whole term to make sure you knew what to do instead of leaving it until the last minute. the example was in class all term. you missed your very large opportunity to know exactly what to do and will now have to have 'does not exhibit sound organisational skills or time management' written in your end of year report.
how does that grab you?

1. sketches
2. patterns
3. colour experiments
4. compositions
5. designs on clothing drawings.
6. draw accurately measured scale drawing of clothes.
7. make patterns for clothing out of paper.
8. draw on designs
9. construct paper clothes.
10. make a hanger to display your finished item.


* AnnA * said...

and this has to be in by tomorrow??????????????????! i'm doomed!

Howdy! said...

You're not the only one Anna, I didn't know we had to do all that!

What do you for "compositions"?