Monday, October 23, 2006

Study and Save the natural world? Why bother?

To Study is to Learn... To Learn is to Understand... To Understand is to Appreciate... To Appreciate is to Value... To Value is to Save

This link is to a site that may be quite useful to us in our study...than again, maybe it's biased... Who created it? What is their purpose? Are they reliable? At a glance it seems okay. I leave you to investigate further. It may help answer some of your questions.

Enjoy the rainy day off. I'm enjoying making feeding stations for waxeyes and some kind of finch that has appeared in my garden lately.


fernando645 said...

uncey woodles you should put that on the net its very apealing then oeople will think twice about poloution!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sig said...

I read the introduction of it and it seemed really good. But that was only the introduction. Anyway, I'm doing a special personal project at home. It's involving the enviroment, so I'll put it on my enviro. blog and you can have a look at it every now and again. i'll tell you when I add to it and things like that. I think you'll find it quite interesting. I'll leave you with that......(do do do doooo)


laffydaffy said...

The intro seemed good and a relible site. But how can we study without exactley knowing what to study for?I know we are doing our reasearch on the enviroment but i don't know spcefically(sorry can't spell) :-[ what to look for.

!~*ZuZu*~! said...

WHY BOTHER?? cause where the one who are going to hvae to live with it! DUUUHHH!