Thursday, October 12, 2006

the web of life challenge

Here is a challenge for you.
Design an active, outdoor game that demonstrates the interdependence of different species in food webs. It could be something like a 'tiggy' game where people play different roles - perhaps those of producer, primary consumer, secondary consumer and the gruesome decomposers....
We will play the best game. Try to keep it simple, active and fun, whilst reinforcing the concepts we have been learning.
Good Luck

p.s. post your ideas here for feedback - you could refine your ideas collaboratively online. Isn't that what you do in games like Runescape?


laffydaffy said...



There are two teams of primary consumers and secondary consumers.
Every person in team has 3 tags each and you have to try and get them of the other team and you are trying to get a goal with a soccer ball (it's like soccer but there are tags are included)
Once all three tags are ripped off they go and sit down and put their hand up the decomposers come.
the decomposers give the dead thing three tags, but the decomposer has to have three tags for themselves. Once the dead thing has three tags he/she can carry on playing the game.
The decomposers can play to, but in order to give the dead thing tags they have to have six.

And that's how you play ENVIRO SOCCER/RIPPER RUGBY GAME!!!!!

Mr Woody said...

great work laffy - may need some refinement.
all games will need to be fun, easy to play, and have correct environmental ideas incorporated.

Mythril Saber said...

That talk reminds me of the skull/survival island game that we played at camp.

Mr Woody said...

aha! exactly right sabor - could you devise a set of rules for a game of tiggy on the field that involved producers, consumers and decomposers?

fernando645 said...

HEY!!!!! Mr woody we should make a class game ,every one has to participate and everyone has to help and create the game we tried it last year and it was awesome,and then we can play it at p.e time,or we can make the ROOM 9 GAMES and invite pirongia and they could circuit all the events ,we could be in charge

fernando645 said...

By the way nice game Laffy

Mr Woody said...

good idea fernando - how are you feeling?
c u tomorrow