Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Persuasive language

Since you will be learning about the features of persuasive language, you will have to prove your understanding by writing an argument in support of or against controversial statements. Those who wish to will be put in debating teams, based on merit.
Please feel free to add any topic ideas, but post them as clear statements - you don't have to believe them. They just need to be juicy, fire people up, and cause controversy.

Here are some examples of one we will debate.

"Because of the potential danger to native species, in NZ it will be illegal to own a pet cat, dog, rat, mouse, or mustelid."

HAve fun forming strong, logical arguments to support your position, whether you agree ro disagree. Especially if you want to be a defence lawyer, politician or professional liar.


fernando645 said...

I found a great sight on wasps there are two species that I read about anyway heres my question,are the german and the common wasps a threat to the n.z. ecosystem,If your saying they're not a threat go to the d.o.c website!!!!!!!

fernando645 said...

by the way does anyone know what a jundar goat its a n.z pest for more info go to the d.o.c website cool aye:)(:

Urxan said...

We shouldn't make all that illegal, you just have to have them regestered and microchipped, you know, thing like that. But very strict on it.

Gwe Lee

*-!^! aLySsA !^!-* said...

Hae i am really good a debating. we did it last year and the year before.

laffydaffy said...

i'm interested in debates, thay are fun and we should have debates in the class to.

Mr Woody said...

fernando - top work - great research hints.

urxan - how would a microship stop a dog gobbling a kiwi/dotterel/weka?

alyssarox - last year's self-proclaimed famous debater was actually useless because she thought talking loudest made her right.
i'm sure you can do better if you listen, learn and apply the skills required. you could be great. listening and thinking are as important as talking. you showed during your speech to the parents that you can handle the pressure.


Mr Woody said...

laffy - its important to learn the methods, skills and format of debating to avoid the mistakes of last year's class.
they failed miserably, partly because they thought they knew it all.
keep thinking.

!~*ZuZu*~! said...

At knighton all we ever did was persuasive writing and i really enjoyed that!

Mr Woody said...

perhaps you could whip up a few good arguments for or against a controversial topic then? cool 8>)

Howdy! said...

Hmm..That must just have been Miss Knapper's class then because we never did that, although we did elections..and our party won! We did a debate on that.

!!*Clap*!!*Clap*!! Fernando for percevering (spelling?!) in your research, and sharing your information!


Jess said...

We did debating in year 5!!!!


Sig said...

I'm quite interested in debating but I don't have much experience. I did it last year once but apart from that, none! So I think it would be very fun to learn debating this year. I had to da persuavive (spelling!) writing in the australiasian (spelling! again) test last year. I only got participation, bt it was fun!


magster said...

so what if we don't have them as pets but mr. woody you did forget about wild ones!:)

I think we should still be able to have them as pets as long as we have control over them I mean, what harm is a ferrit or stoat gonna do in the middle of town where there are no native birds or anything?

As for possums i think we should capture them and take them over to Aussie where they love them so much. Because that would be the humane thing to do.