Wednesday, October 18, 2006

things to design and build

over the next week or two i want us to have the pleasure of designing and constructing things.
it would also be a delight to be able to immerse ourselves in active learning of a subject - namely the one we're doing. you people could really achieve some amazing things.
so far we've listed tailor made bird houses for native species. would they use them? what would they be drawn to? what other things can we do to help our feathered friends?
who wants to help something other than a bird? i like wetas. we can make a weta hotel. i saw some at maungatuatari.
what about the rat traps? need more ideas. tunnels seem to attract them.
bird feeders? what might attract different types of birds? do tui and waxeyes respond to the same kind of feeders? how about kaka [and i don't mean poo]
any other ideas?
mr webster says we can use his room when he isn't. we need our own materials.


Ernesty said...

i want to make a rate trap, what type of materials would we need?

young veteran said...

for the bird houses. what if houses aimed at big birds atracts small ones then a big bird comes and eats it8>D

Howdy! said...

Yes, well, hmm... i actually HATE weta's myself, but I suppose if you want to save them that's alright. but as long as you are n0t asking me to actually touch them! Yuck!

Jess said...

Hey i'm doing my enviromental study on skinks so we could make some sort of tracking device to see how they live, eg eat breed where they live!!!
it would be cool if we had lots of money where we could buy mini cameras and put them in their homes (i have no idea where they live) and see how they live through a live camera going straight to our class! we could even discover something new about them that nobody else knows and become world famous!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! But i dont think that would happen!!!!!
Oh well!!!!!!


Jess said...

Whoops sorry im in the wrong place but dont forget to bring your harakeke backpack or whateva its called to school for us to see!!!!!


Sig said...

I'll make a bird house. I have some ideas on how to make sure that it's perfect! but they're a secret!


fernando645 said...

oooohhhhh ooooohhhhh can i be the manager, front desk check in,see I have already,man the hotel is going to is going to be filled with guests

Mr Woody said...

gather your resources, plans and enthusiasm - i am not sure which day we can use the woodwork room, but we need to be ready...
has anyone discovered which native birds would even use a birdhouse?
i'm looking now....

fernando645 said...

I want to make a wasp trap why I otta !!!!!!