Friday, June 30, 2006


ask your parents to create their own blog to leave comments on our class one and to query anything they don't understand on the reports or anything else. remind them of the rules of cyber safety and netiquette. teach them how to do it if they are frightened.
guide them to positive feedback of your posts on this blog to help them see a bit more about how well you are doing.
remember - you are the magnificent peachgrove yr 7 GATE class - you are the coolest!!!!
keep the standards high - improve. listen. ask. create. share. help each other.

other classes are joining in now so you need to raise your standards to keep ahead of the multitudes.



Ernesty said...

Mi dads got 1, but he hardly nevr uses it. What a shame!

fernando645 said...

yeah thanks Mr woody for that great report. I will ask My dad If he would like won. By the way Max and I are science Fair partners
but we are putting our projects together at the end.p.s. thanks for the wonderful ideas .

laffydaffy said...

My dad read my report and he liked it. I'm already thinking about my goal next term.

* AnnA * said...

My mum was so happy with my report! But she really wants me to contribute more to class discussions! the reason I don't usually contribute much to class talk is coz I usually don't think I'll say something smart so I don't want people thinking I'm stupid!!! (Even though they probably already think that!) Yeah so my mum was happy. And she doesn't care that I didn't get very good marks for science but who cares! No offence to anyone who likes science! Thanks for the great report!

Donkeyla (Aly-Blobber) said...

Hey dont put your self down take it from someone who knows it a silly thing to do.
My Mum was also happy but says i need to:
Not be so lud
Use fair play
Work on my spelling
so those are my goals for next term + its my birthday today im 12

Jess said...

Happy birthday Donkeyla (Aly-Blobber)!
Yeah my Mum and Dad are really happy with my report!

maxiboy said...

My Report was quite good i got all 1s and 2s but my comments were allright yeahh....

Mr Woody said...

happy birthday allyblobby.
max n mohamed - you may not do your science fair project together. you have separate topics and will be handing in separate wall charts.
max - you are doing tennis elbow.
mo - you are doing the human leg in relation to soccer related sports injuries.
do you understand?

!~*ZuZu*~! said...

mr. woody ..i dont think i have got my report yet??

Mr Woody said...

ZUzu, isn't that because you weren't in the country when they were dished out?

[sometimes i wonder about you GATE kids...]

Ernesty said...

Mr Woody! Mr Woody! Read this!

Ok this is a little bit off topic but anyway. Can we make a animated movie as a experiment?

Animation is something to do with science. well, computer science!

Hurry up and answer me!

Mr Woody said...

Calm down - but of course - making an animation is a fantstic idea - what will your story be? keep it simple, but remember, story comes first. without a decent idea to hang your visual trickery on the whole thing is boring. remember how the animator vs animation was kind of a story of the animation coming to life and fighting the animator who was trying to kill it?

Ernesty said...

so i can do a animation? I've got a story!

Ernesty said...

come to my chat room mr woody to answer.

!~*ZuZu*~! said...

yeah i know ..oh duh !! its cause im on holiday ..*Cough*Cough*

Will i get it next term ?

p.s yeah i agree with Anna about speaking up in class.

magster said...

Wh00P!! Go room 9!
but i don't think my parents will have enough time :(
Bibi time to watch Spongebob squarepants (its on!)

!~*ZuZu*~! said...

Just about the other classes joining in ..maybe we could combine blogs or something ?! OR pair up with someone from their class and create a blog?? Like girls with boys, boys with girls? I don't know ..just a suggestion!!

!~*ZuZu*~! said...

Because if it was girls with boys then you would have to get along with the other gender ..!

Mr Woody said...

good suggesstion zuzu - we must be careful though. all students involved must understand the importance of appropriate behaviour on the blogs. it is extremely important and not everyone is as sensible and mature as room 9 students are.
remember, this is a research project and many other people are taking an interest - teachers, parents, etc.
keep up the good work - great ideas.
are you in hawaii yet?

!~*ZuZu*~! said...

Yeah I am. I wil make a flikr account and put some surfing photographs on !!Im having ALOT of fun..!

Howdy! said...

I'm Sure you are Zuzu!

I don't think that my parents will use their blogs even if they DID have one- they're always very busy with work and things.

My parents were very pleased with my report!
Thanks Mr woody!

What have you been up to these holidays?

this is a little off the topic but I thought it was really weird:

In one of my old school books, a writing one there is an entry about one year when me and my sister were going trickle treating.
We go to Mr Woody's house! Hahaha and we see Sasha at the cafe and she gives us free lollies!

Hahahahahha, I thought that was funny! I've known Mr Woody for ages!
Sorry if you thought that was stupid!

Mr Woody said...

not stupid at all, iMa - they are lovely memeories to share. it helps build a sense of community, belonging and who we are.

Sig said...

I would really like my parents to have a blog but their just too busy and when they do have free time they normally spend it with us (kids) and my mum goes on the internet for trademe instead of blogger. But I'll try to convince them that it's a good idea.

Sig said...

Oh yeah, and my parents were really proud of my report and so was I. Thank you Mr Woody!! =)

P.S I know it's late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALY-BLOBBER!!!!!

【※ 『§mr. brainy§』 ※】 said...

(little off topic..sorry)
Hello everyone me and erny are gonna do an experiment about microbes. Wadda ya think of that?

Sig said...

Hey Mr Brainy! It is kinda off topic but I think that that would be an AWESOME idea!

c9p said...

I don't think it's a good idea to encourage our parents to have a blog.

My father already thinks it's a waist of time on the blog. He thinks it's not school work. If I was to encourage him that it's actual work I would need a school news letter explaining about the importance of using blogger.

I know how important it is to constantly be using blogger for learning purposes, but my parents control the access of the internet in my house hold. Without their permission, I can't go near my families computer.

yours sincerly,

!~*ZuZu*~! said...

HEY!! Thanks for the AWESOME report!! KAPAI!!