Monday, March 24, 2008

Clustrmap has archived

The Clustrmap for 2007 has archived and we now start afresh. The cool thing is we can see more easily who is having a peak at our work and maybe find some new buddies abroad. We can certainly learn more about geography and other cultures.
Who is looking in March 2008?

Hooray for Clustrmaps!


Snow Girl said...

I think that people from around thesse areas have looked at our blog...

South America
Hong Kong

I got out our world map and had a look so it might be a bit off where the dots really are!!!

Sorry for any spelling mistakes.8-/


rosiegal said...

You are very smart snow gal!! I wonder where in Europe people are loging in! I have a europe passport (as i am irish) and I know that there are heaps of places in Europe! did you now that Aukland and London are just about the same size? But of corse london has WAY more people in it!!!

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

wow! london must be pretty packed because Auckland has heaps of people anyway!

Mr. Teehan said...

Rosiegal, we have something in common, I am Irish, too! My grandparents came from Ireland. In fact, since my grandparents came from Ireland, I am eligible to apply for Irish citizenship. I am in the process of filling out the paperwork. I want to do this because it is part of my heritage and I think it would be neat to have dual citizenship.

Do you know what part of Ireland your family originally came from? Do any of Mr. Woody's students or Mr. Woody himself have Irish hertiage?

mudpies02 said...

New Jersey
Los Angeles
Rio de lanelto
Belo Horizonto

I might not be right though....

My great great grandmother was Irish! But her family moved out to NZ when she was a child.

mr woody said...

great work Snowgirl and Mudpies.
i love learning about geography because i have an interest in travelling and other cultures.

As for my heritage [which i also find fascinating] i am a genuine New Zealand pakeha. I am very proud of this.
By my understanding, I am pakeha because on both sides of my whanau [- maori for 'family', mr teehan's class] my ancestors were british subjects sent here on the first colonist ships in the 1800's and are the people invited here by maori under the partnership agreement known as the Treaty of Waitangi - Te Tiriti o Waitangi.
If you are Maori you are Tangata Whenua - the people of the land. If you are a later immigrant not of British decent, you are tauiwi. Room5ians can find out what that means.
So before my ancestors became Kiwi/New Zealanders/Pakeha, they were all English except for some smatterings of Irish which are in there too.

Neina-Marie said...

My uncle travelled around the world on a bike. He has been in the paper and on the radio. He is my hero! (and jesus)

kitty milo said...

wow cool leina. is that true or are you joking.
mr woody, tauiwi means foreign non maori immigrants people!
I am Tangata Whenua.
maori people discovered new zealand so I think we should get more rights and be treated more fairly. it's our country! some people might disagree with me

mr woody said...

well done kittymilo - thanks for the definition of tauiwi.
can you say how maori should be treated more fairly? what extra rights are you suggesting?
you are correct that NZ Aotaroa is the land of the tnagata whenua and everyone else is an invited guest with pakeha holding a special set of rights above other immigrants or visitors. but is it really like that or have maori been treated unfairly over the years since colonisation? if so, how? [like not being allowed to speak te reo at school, many years ago]
justify your comments with reaons and evidence please.
be careful about making statements you can't back up.
great to have thinking students!

kitty milo said...

the english and the maori treaty of waitangi are different and say different things on them. the british people say there's gives them power to control new zealand and claim our country. until the 1970's the treaty was ignored by both sides of parliament. from the 1860's the maori people weren't benefiting from the treaty and were losing land that they had. maori people aren't given credit for finding new zealand and now non maori people are saying that english people found new zealand. i know that non maori people say that because I have heard most people who are non maori people saying it. i have heard it on tv shows such as top of the class and read it in articles. people are racist towards maori and say that most people who are maori do bad things and that maori are the one's who are responsible for all the graffiti and tagging andruining new zealand. why would we do that since we WERE the ones to find newzealand. we also weren't allowed to speak our language. and i can say lllooooooaaaaaaaaadddddddssssss more reasons why we are treated unfairly and explain it but i have to go bye.
p.s here is my evidence:

rosiegal said...

WOW!! That is soo cool Mr Tehnaan! I already have my Irish citizenship! My folks came from Carnlough!! I have no idea where that is, but maybe you do!

rosiegal said...

I dont know how to get my clustrmap to work!! And Im just wondering (sorry this is slightly off topic!) How does your comment thing go like this? Every ones else is a whole page????!! C Every one at school today!!

mudpies02 said...

Just answering to rosiegal's question:

I don't know! But I actually find it's easier when it's a whole page, because otherwise, when you visit other people's blogs from the 'comments' thingy, their blogs are small too, and it's hard to read :D

Marshall said...

the biggest dots on the clustrmap these days are still in NZ. i actually can't see what city it's coming from, but i made an approximate guess...
1) in my mind i secretly decreased the 'big red spots', and guessed that they were coming from the north of the Waikato region to Auckland. today the smaller dot is in... um... Christchurch or something like that?
2) after several days of checking the Clustrmap, i found out that all the dots are close to Wellington and Auckland. is it just because one out of the two cities is the capitol of NZ, and the other is the biggest city of NZ?
the most interesting place on the clustrmap is, (which Dr. Abdullahi told us) the island to the east of Madagasgar (not the movie, eegits). i wonder which country it belongs to?


Don't forget Argintina and Brazil!


I have Irish, Isreali, Swiss, American, Canadian, Italian, French, German and Bulgarian blood.
My grandmother has a 2000 year old celtic fort in the west of the republic.


My family were great castle builders of such as Bunratti*

*I think its not spelt right

Empress Penguin said...

I wonder how people find out about our blog and if people look on our blog how come people around the world dont post any thing?

I find it quite strange.

Empress Penguin said...

kittymilo, not all people are racist, im not. and sometimes maori people are racist to us and other cultures so you cant point all the blame at English people!

also in tainui's case the government have already given bak all there land and money and said sorry. (which the Austrailians have only just done.)

but i bet it was worse at the time : D