Friday, March 28, 2008

HamiltON - why we're cool

Saturday we will have Room5ians roaming the city looking for evidence of the positive aspects of our city. They will take digital photos on their cell phones and email them directly to the blog using a secret code. The images and your text explanation will show up on the blog for people to read at the HCC Creative and Innovative Strategic Expo at the Meteor in town.


Roo said...

Thats a nice photo.

I will be posting from my house as I don't think I can go to the expo.
This is a cool idea and It's so awsome that the council knows some of our ideas on how we would like Hamilton to be like.

Neina-Marie said...

Hiya, Agent 101 reporting -
Lovely photo, taken about two years ago.
The blog will be even MORE famous!

Snow Girl said...

Hi guys im Agent snowy
The old thing in the photo is still there down at the river right now and i walk passed it often.


mudpies02 said...

Good luck guys! Blow the council away with our amazingness!

mr woody said...

room5ian emergency!!!
all agents on full alert!!!
please contact all room5ians and tell them to come to the expo to see what is going on. bring cameras, videos, phones, make sketches, record sound, be involved - it's cool! i went down last night and we have our own internet cafe set up just for us!

miss mcdonald - i hope you get this message and show up with your film crew! kitty milo - be there. all of you - ring your friends - the CEO of Hamilton will be giving a speech at 1pm. there will be hip hop dance and much more.
spread the word - phone each other - get invovlded in Hamiltron's expo

kitty milo said...

please! come to my blog:
it has lots of images and photos of hamilton and different activities in hamilton! please visit.
i will be at the expo!

Roo said...

This is an awsome opportunity to let the HCC to see what we are doing as a class about HamiltON.