Saturday, March 29, 2008

mr woody's visit to his mother in law

You have been invited to share a moment. Click here to view this Telecom Photo/Video message.

Coffee break :-P mr woody rulz



rosiegal said...

You lucky little thing!! Me and Neina Marie are schofing chocolate cake on the couch!!! Did you mention any thing to her on the way out?

Roo said...

Hehe this is funny.

rosiegal said...

Hiya all, Leina here and this is so cool! For me, I just went out a moment ago and took all those cool photos, and here I am an actual staff! Hilzy has a T-shirt, but I may get one too! Being a secret agent is soooooooo cool!
(Not bragging, just excited!)

Roo said...

It's alright to be excited.