Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sarah's real dog, Molly

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Sarah's real dog, MOLLY. She likes chasing rabbits.



mr woody said...

btw, Sarah is the HCC Communications Director and is now one of our mobile blogging agents.

Marshall said...

i wonder if that dog's a Huskie??? Please correct me if i'm wrong. to mr woody-wow, you didn't tell us that!

rosiegal said...

YAY! DID you get the waikato times? I am on page 3 with the V8 simulator!!!!!!!!! YAY FOR NEWSPAPERS!!! Sarah was speaking in that article! Also, I got my V8 bok today! If any one remembers, I think I told you about the book I helped right at my old school about greg murphy! It is an advanced kiddy winkel book (for mostly 7-8 year olds)and is called Go Murph! Go-Kart to V8 super car.
It might help some people with their inquiry!

mr woody said...

Marshall, it is a white german shepherd.

Rosiegal - that's great news about the book and being in the paper!
too bad the article didn't nmention why you were there.

rosiegal said...

Did you see my picture?

Snow Girl said...

I did, Yes Mr Woody it is a white German sheperd. Molly looks soooo cute!!!!!

8) :>)