Sunday, March 30, 2008

a whopping great success!

Well, our expo day at the Meteor with the Hamilton City Council went really well. The Room5ians who took part were top shelf ambassadors for Peachgrove and HamiltON. Our agents were in the field doing mobile blogging to send evidence of our cool city in live as they found it. The head agent coordinator [Rosiegal] put in the hard yards to take our message to the people of HamiltON and to explain to the City Council folk how we innovatively use technology to make learning active, interactive, adventurous, intriguing, fun, and purposeful.
Sadly we thought we weren't able to include everyone, but as it turned out, we could have ! oh well, next time we'll know better.
The good news is that as a result of our time spent there from 9:30 until 3:30 we met the CEO of the HCC, Michael Redman, we might be visited by our Mayor, we might get in the newspaper, we are having a poster competition with prizes, we will be visited by people from the police and council to hear our views on the city, we will try to get the Team Kiwi Racing people in to visit us, we are going to win prizes, the director of the City Museum wants to hear from us, the PiL researchers have filmed us interviewing the head of communications for the council. Phew - that was a long sentence. Sarah, the communication director from HCC wants us to teach her how to mobile blog and use communications technology and in return she will cover the VIP tent at the V8s for us with her mobile phone and post directly to our blog.
Essentially, by getting involved, we created loads of new opportunities for ourselves to bring our studies alive - learning outside the classroom and with ICT rocks!
Viva the Room5ians!
SO, next we will have visitors in the classroom. We also need to get out more with everyone involved. I say we go on a walking tour to meet the museum director and experience the Waikato museum ...a picnic might be nice too.
We should also arrange to go to Kakepuku to read our finished stories that we have written about going there...Let's go Wednesday in the last week of term...confirmation pending feedback.


mudpies02 said...

That sounded like lots of fun!! Wish I could have been there:(

rosiegal said...

I thought The CEO's name was Micheal Redmand! Well I didnt think, it is!! Its a real shame that you couldnt go, Mudy pies! One of the awesome things there was an V8 racing thing, and you sat In a ar looking thing, an raced the actual hamilton 400 track! The 3 fastest laps of the track got free passes to the V8's and the top 2 got to race against a new zealand top V8 racer!!! Today our family did a drive of the Race track! It was really exciting to think thatstars like greg murphy are going to race along it too! My Dad wanted to speed along and not have to keep to the left side of the road, but of course there were other cars too! The art competetion thing sounds really cool, and I cant wait to do all the other stuff Mr woody said!! Th photos are really good, and heaps of people, including my sister were amazed to know that they were sent straight off a phone! Thanks Mr Woody as well for co-ordinating and helping out at a great event, which we couldnt have been there with out our fabulous teacher! Am I right room5ians??!!!!

mr woody said...

Actually Rosiegal, it Michael Redman. No D at the end. But you are right to correct me - I've edited it now.
And thank you sooo much for your acknowledgement of my part in your success. It means alot to me coming from such a a quality person.
I wonder what the parents thought.

Neina-Marie said...

I dunno what my dad said... but I LOVED it! I say that The Kakepuku time is a great time, Ok from me. Mr Woody, I loved it loved it loved it! Mudpies, I agree with Roziegal, You deserved to go, everyone did!!!!

Snow Girl said...

I wish thart every one had the chance to come and check it out.
Good job Mr Woody!!!!!


Mr. Teehan said...

I must tell everyone that I was impressed with everything you all accomplished. You all have inspired me. I am thinking of trying to do something along your lines with an upcoming Centennial Celebration in the town where my students go to school and I work. The event takes place within the next two weeks. If I am successful and the students want to become involved as you New Zealanders have, I think it will create another great learning opportunity for my students and the Room5ians (atleast another way for all of you to get to know my students and where they live and learn). I will be having the students read through all of your posts on Monday (Tuesday your time!) and respond to anything that catches their eye and interest!

Great job once again!

kitty milo said...

thankyou mr teehan! i'm glad we inspired you

Marshall said...

too bad some of us missed out. oh well, there's always next time! all the people who went to the Meteor shower (something like that): could you guys express your feelings about what's it like there?

rosiegal said...

Thanks Mr woody! Now I get that comment you made in class today! YAY! DID you get the waikato times? I am on page 3 with the V8 simulator!!!!!!!!! YAY FOR NEWSPAPERS!!! Sarah was speaking in that article about the sucess of the event.

gnome said...

agreeing with marshall the people who went to the meteor theatre could describe how they felt in being part of such an exciting event

Snow Girl said...

I was there and i loved it!!!!!
but i also felt soooooo hungry!!!!