Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Term Two poster design

Our classmate "Roo" has had a brilliant idea for a Term Two project. Because we had so many ideas about which charities to raise money for, he suggested we design posters to promote each different cause and what they stand for.
This would be good for several reasons:
1. You'd have to research the charities
2. Think critically about which one you feel is worth promoting
3. Learn about design techniques for posters
4. Integrate ICTs to add value to and enhance the quality of your product

Please comment with your opinions and ideas about which charities you support and why.


Marz Barz said...

i would support the child cancer foundation because they are a worthy cause that are very good and help lots of families in nz that have children with cancer :-)

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

Our class's main charity was StarshipSome some personal reasons and also because they are a fanytastic cause and they all deserve it...

The others that both strongly led in the vote were the SPCA and Guide dogs.

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

Sorry about the bad spelling...

Roo said...

Yeah,my idea is good because instead of us just paying we can also get the public to pay.
Having a poster would help because, if you go along to somebody's house and just talk to them do you think they would be convinced?Where if you had a poster you could have all the calculations written on it and present it in a convincing way.

Neina-Marie said...

Yes, roo well done. We could make them smaller and print lots and then we could all stick them up on dairys windows.

rosiegal said...

Great idea Roo! we could learn about reasearching, presenting, charaties, have fun, and we could aise some money for charaties!!!!
~ ~
. .

rosiegal said...

Im sorry, my smiley went crazy!!!

Marshall said...

if i were to make a choice, i would raise money for the SPCA. i got my reasons from http://www.spca.org.nz/ . if you want a list of charities to choose from, i recommend you to go to http://www.charity.org.nz/charities.htm/ . now, back to the reasons.
#1: the auckland SPCA receives NO automatic government funding- it is hard for them to raise money.
#2: if they ever go out of business, there will be no more place to adapt poor, helpless little creatures.(?)
#3: did you see that they need volunteers to help with programmes and the other stuff?
#4: to go with NO.3, the SPCA is starting an Animal Rescue Club. i think that they might need volunteers to help with that, too.
#5: the SPCA need donations with beds, blankets, food bowls, etc.
that's all the reasons i think we should raise money for the SPCA.

Snow Girl said...

I would support the SPCA and i have my reasons.
If you want you can come to my blog and i have a poll running of which charity you support

Marz Barz said...

yeah, i think the SPCA is a good idea too

mudpies02 said...

This might be slightly off topic, but I think we should have 2 mufty days a term so that we'd be able to raise even more money for charity:D